Roblox launches new application Roblox Connect

Roblox Connect allows players to chat with each other in the real world, but using their Roblox avatars.

Roblox has transformed from a gaming platform to a virtual community venue. Recently, the company held its annual developer conference, RDC 2023, and announced a number of new apps and tools designed to help its users create more content.

In a blog post quoted from Neowin (9/9), Roblox revealed that by the end of June 2023, 65.5 million Roblox users every day, with an average time of 2.3 hours every day.

Thanks to the upcoming mobile app, Roblox Connect, those who use it can chat with each other in the real world, but using their Roblox avatars.

“Launching later this year, Connect will allow people to call friends from their Roblox friends list using their real names and facial expressions—conveying nuances with their own body language—and be transported to an immersive shared space on Roblox for their conversations, while sitting together by a campfire or standing next to a waterfall,” Roblox wrote in its announcement.

Roblox says the app was developed using public platform APIs and will be open source software once launched, meaning anyone can extend its features.

The company is also working to find ways for content creators to create content more quickly and easily. For example, they are developing a way to create avatars just by using an image and typing in some text.

Roblox also confirmed that the service will be widely available for Meta Quest virtual reality headsets in September. They also announced improvements to the current version of the Xbox app, including “a new look, frequent updates (with access to the latest features), improved content recommendations, and improved user experience.”






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