Review of Swordash, a Badass Hack and Slash Action Game

In the midst of the rapid development of the industrial era video games Now, it’s getting harder to find games quality. Majority
games the ones released now are only used as land to earn income for the developer, placing advertisements everywhere,
micro transactions rampant, all of this over time makes the players sick and finally stop playing it.

However, there are still some video games which prioritizes the satisfaction of its players, one example is games title
Swordash which I will discuss in this post. Swordash
is a action games, RPGs, hack and slash made by the developer
FATTOYS. This game is fairly still freshbecause it was just released on May 31st.

At the start of its release, Swordash has received lots of positive comments from netizens. Many of them like how gameplay presented in games this, everything looks simple, but interesting and addictive to keep playing.

Games it tells of an agent assigned to eradicate a zombie outbreak that almost wiped out humanity. By relying on his fighting skills, the agent must pass through thousands of zombies while looking for answers to this terrible plague.

Instead of being curious anymore, let’s just look at the features included in it games This.


1. Has Various Characters, Complete with Skins

By carrying out the anime theme, all the characters Swordash it shows up with art style interesting and funny anime. Games This seems to be targeting weaboos as its target market, because of the characters presented in it games These are all women in sexy clothes.

Skins presented is not much different, all have
art style sexy and seductive. Somehow games it’s like really forcing to show a sexy character, even though it all doesn’t have any effect on the inside gameplay.

Swordash it has an age rating of 12+ on Google Play Store, which mean games It is still accessible for children under 17 years old. So it’s just not appropriate, even though if the characters were made more polite and tidy, there wouldn’t be any difference at all, it would still sell well
gamesBasically, you don’t need to try too hard to show off your sexy character.

2. Abundant Weapons and Equipment

His name too RPG gamesof course the weapons and equipment that are in
games there will be lots of varieties. You can get various equipment and weapons either through gacha or through the missions that you have carried out.

The level of the weapons and equipment you have obtained can also be increased to make your character stronger.

Same as RPG games other, Swordash also has elements
pay to win
inside it. However, you as a free player are also not that ignored, you can grind yourself by using free gacha tickets which you can get every day, either through
events daily or certain missions that you can complete.

3. Technology System

Just like the system runes And emblems in MOBA games, Swordash games
also has a similar feature named with “Technology”. Through this feature, you can improve various attributes to make your character stronger.

Various kinds of attributes are available, and you can choose all of them according to your needs
gameplay you yourself. Want to add damage yes, just increase the attribute damagewant to increase defense let heroesYou can also make it thicker, just choose whatever you like.

However, keep in mind that you cannot increase multiple attributes at the same time. The upgrade time also varies, the bigger the stats, the longer the upgrade time.

This technology system is quite interesting, because you can increase your statistics hero for you easily, you don’t need to complete any missions, just press capital and wait for the upgrade time.

4. Many Levels with Challenging Bosses

It’s not complete if a hack and slash games do not have boss challenging at every level. Luckily, deep
Swordash games Here you will be presented with various types
boss challenging.

In fact, at certain levels I lost many times because the boss was very difficult to defeat.

Besides boss which is challenging, the hordes of zombies that stand in your way are no less challenging. These zombie hordes have their own characteristics and weaknesses, so when playing you have to be clever in using skills so that your character doesn’t die easily.


With a total size not exceeding 300 MB, Swordash can be considered as games which is light for you to play in various types
smartphones. However, if you still want the full specifications to run games this smoothly, you can see the description below:

Android: Minimum Android version 4.4 and higher.


Memory: 1 GB free.



  1. Game size is small.
  2. Can be played offline.
  3. Has many modes that can be played.
  4. Doesn’t show too many ads.


  1. Pay to win.
  2. The character designs are too vulgar.
  3. Can’t be played for too long (if you run out of energy you have to wait a few hours before you can play again).

  4. Too many gachas.


Overalls, Swordash be one
hack and slash action game the best that I highly recommend for you. With its size not too big, Swordash has been able to present many interesting features for its players.

Not like the majority offline games other, Swordash will not display too many ads when played using an internet connection. Ads will only appear if you want to get additional prizes, and even then you have to click first before the ad appears, not that the ad suddenly appears by itself.

For those of you who have tried playing it, please just write your opinion about it games this is in the comments column.

Thank You.


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