Respawn is One of the Most Successful Acquisitions EA Has Ever Made

Electronic Arts (EA) CEO, Andrew Wilson, revealed that Respawn Entertainment is perhaps “one of the most extraordinary acquisitions” the company has ever made.

This information was revealed by Wilson at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia & Technology Conference 2023 (via VGC). If you are interested in Respawn Entertainment games, you can see our other articles here.

Andrew Wilson: Respawn is One of the Most Successful Acquisitions EA Has Ever Made

Speaking at the 2023 Goldman Sachs Communacopia & Technology Conference, Andrew Wilson praised Respawn Entertainment’s work in Apex Legends and franchises Star Wars Jedi before saying that there’s a lot more to come from the studio.

In 2017, EA bought Respawn Entertainment for 455 million USD, an amount that turned out to be quite cheap for EA. In 2021, Apex Legends itself has generated more than 2 billion USD in 3 years of its release.

We haven’t done a lot of acquisitions, we’ve done a few. Respawn is of course perhaps one of the most incredible acquisitions ever made in the industry.

They are an extraordinary team and they have created tremendous value for us, for our shareholders and of course for the global community of players around the world. Apex and franchises Jedi.

You have to imagine that there are some other things going on at Respawn that we’re really excited about, that we won’t talk about, but we’re really happy with the quality of the group.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts

In May 2023, Vince Zampella revealed to Axios that a “very small” team was in the early stages of developing an original IP at Respawn Entertainment.

The team is led by Steve Fukuda, game director Titanfall And Titanfall 2. “The mission is to find pleasure in something new,” said Zampella at the time.

If we look at the information circulating now, Respawn Entertainment is currently developing several projects:






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