Recommended 7 Offline PC Chess Games, Perfect for Brain Training

Chess is a very interesting game to play, especially for someone who is interested in brain teasers. As is known, when playing chess, one must be able to put together the right strategy to defeat the enemy – which is marked by a captured queen.

So, speaking of chess, there are quite a number of offline PC chess games available that can be played for free. This PC chess game can be an alternative to fill free time during holidays. Moreover, the game in question does not require an internet connection to play it.

So, what are the recommendations for offline PC chess games that are interesting to play and suitable for sharpening the brain? Check out the review!

Recommendations for Offline PC Chess Games

When playing a chess game, you will be challenged to build a strategy to defeat your opponent. Of course, this game will be more interesting if the enemies you face are getting better and better.

For those of you who feel challenged and want to play this game, there are quite a number of offline chess games that can be played on a PC. Because the game that is going to be discussed is an offline game, you don’t need to use an internet connection when playing it. In addition, offline games will run more smoothly so that the risk of lag tends to be rare.

The recommendations for offline PC chess games that you can make an option to play are:

1. Crafty Chess Interface

The first PC offline chess game recommendation that is fun to play is Crafty Chess Interface. This is a very light chess game so it doesn’t need high device specifications.

How not, the file size of this game is only around 1.34 MB. With a fairly small size, of course this game won’t take up much space in the PC memory you are using.

In addition, even though it has a very small game size, Crafty Chess Interface comes with a display that can be said to be quite stunning and also sharp. This game is also quite impressive with the features it has, such as the slider in the control panel menu.

Later, you will face enemies who come from the computer. Crafty Chess Interface has many levels, where the higher the game level, the more complicated the game will be.

2. Haundrix

The next recommended offline chess game is Haundrix. This is a quite impressive chess game with a classic and simple appearance. In detail, the appearance of this game will make it easier for you to organize your strategy for playing chess and defeat your opponent as quickly as possible.

Not only that, Haundrix comes with better and clearer sound effects. Some people say that with its sound effects, Haundrix is ​​quite suitable for children to play.

If you open the Hundrix game page, you will get detailed game information including options for formulating strategies on the screen on the right. Not only that, the save feature is also available in the Haundrix game to save your journey while fighting for the grand master title.

3. Windows Chess

Never heard of this game before?

Windows Chess is a very classic chess game because it first appeared in the 90s. Even though there are currently many similar games that are more modern with a better appearance, Windows Chess still has its own fans.

It can be said that Windows Chess is a very simple offline PC chess game. You will find the details of the game display which are quite simple as when playing real chess.

Indeed, initially Windows Chess came with a 2D display concept. However, as time goes by, this game gets updates with a better 3D view.

4. Battle vs Chess

It can be said that Battle Vs Chess is one of the most interesting and unique chess game recommendations. Yes, if generally a chess game will only display a complete chess board with the pieces used. This appearance does look classic. However, on the other hand the display also looks monotonous.

Well, Battle Vs Chess comes with a new display concept. When playing this game, you will see chess pieces that resemble their original shape. Of course, the impression of combat in this game tends to feel thicker and the game will feel more alive.

Not only that, you who play this game can also choose a different game area. There are several game arenas available such as bridges, ordinary chess boards or others.

5. War Chess 3D

Conceptually, War Chess 3D has the same details as the Battle Vs Chess game. The reason is, this one game will feature a chess game that is very similar to a war. You will find chess pieces that are alive and have a very unique appearance and look real.

Another interesting thing about War Chess 3D is that there is a feature to change the character of the chess pieces. By using this feature, you can turn these pieces into fantasy characters that have been provided, such as skulls, Pegasus and others.

So, what if this game is actually difficult to play because the character of the pieces changes?

No need to worry, War Chess 3D still provides the appearance of ordinary chess in a smaller size. Of course, this additional display can help you find out the position of your pieces and set the right strategy to defeat your opponent.

6.Real Chess 3D

For those of you who are looking for a chess game with a sharp and realistic 3D view, Real Chess 3D is the right game choice. This one game is available with offline and online modes that can be chosen easily.

Not only does it look quite impressive, Real Chess 3D also has quite complete features. One of the interesting features in this game is the hint feature.

This hint feature is a feature that will help you to choose the right step. Of course, by clicking on this feature, you will get instructions from the system later.

7. Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Another chess game that is both interesting and unique is Might & Magic: Chess Royale. How not, this game combines brain teasers with Battle Royale.

When playing this game, you will find an atmosphere that is more like a war compared to a chess match. However, this game is quite challenging because each game of chess is only limited to 10 minutes.

Some of the games above are a variety of chess games that can be played to sharpen the brain and also train reason. Of course, you can freely play the various chess games above without using internet quota.

Are Offline Chess Games Free?

Yes, you can play some of the offline chess games above for free and without having to register an account first.






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