Reaching 6 Million Players, Starfield Becomes Bethesda’s Most Successful Game At Its Initial Release!

If we talk about Starfield as a space exploration game, the massive content and player freedom in playing the game are the main points. Becoming a topic of conversation for gamers, the hype for this game has increased until when it was released yesterday, the total number of players reached 6 million players.

Bethesda have announced that their latest game, space-exploration adventure Starfield, has achieved more than six million players worldwide and making it Bethesda’s biggest game release of all time. This announcement was also followed by this game which has reached one million players simultaneously on the Xbox and PC platforms.

Even with the release of this game, sales of Xbox Series consoles increased quite significantly. The enthusiasm for this game is truly extraordinary and has even exceeded many people’s expectations by surpassing the high number of players for a newly released game. Starfield offers massive content in space exploration with exploration that is full of freedom like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise itself.

Starfield is a game that offers an open-world gameplay concept with a third person and FPS perspective at the same time. What makes Starfield special is in the customization and exploration sections itself. From the highlights they showed off, this game will present complex customization that includes character creation, bases, and spaceships. Another thing that is quite interesting is that players can explore the vast space that includes 100 solar systems and more than 1,000 planets.

Starfield releases on September 6, 2023 and will be available exclusively for Xbox Series as well as PC. Are you one of the gamers who has played the latest game from Bethesda? You can monitor the latest developments in the game on the official website HERE.

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