Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk (Infinity Money + Unlock All Cars)

Game – Raging Thunder 2 Mod is currently being talked about a lot and is being sought after by Android gamers. This game has a racing theme and offers very exciting and fun gameplay when playing it.

In Indonesia itself, games with racing themes are no longer foreign to Android gamers. Because there are lots of games with racing themes available on the Play Store. One game that really attracts attention is this game.

If you are curious about how the game is and the excitement in it, see the explanation in our article. We also discuss the superior features of this Raging Thunder 2 Mod, you know.

What is Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk?

Before we provide a link to download it, it would be better if you knew a little about this game. Raging Thunder 2 Mod is a game with a racing theme and was very legendary when Android only came out a few years ago.

And currently the game has been deleted or is no longer available on the Play Store so many people are looking for the game on the internet. Even though it has been deleted, there are still many people who are enthusiastic about playing this game.

But you don’t need to be confused about looking for it because here we provide a download link for the Raging Thunder 2 Mod game. Where the game has gone through a modification stage so that there are lots of additional features that will benefit you later.

If you know, this game is very similar to Nascar Rumble on PS1. Of course, you have never played that game before, not when you were little. So here you can reminisce with Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk.

There are many gamers in Indonesia who like racing, especially car racing. And this game has become a legendary game and even today people still play it.

We are very sure that you will also be very suitable for this racing game. Apart from being modified, this game also allows you to experience the sensation of genuine racing with other players.

Moreover, now it is equipped with a mod feature which will definitely help you win the game easily. You can see a complete explanation of the features below.

What are the superior features of Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk?

If we talk about a “mod” or modified version of an application, there are definitely superior features. And this feature will definitely be very useful for you later. You can see the following superior features below.

1. Unlimited Money

This feature is definitely present in every modified version of the game, namely unlimited money. With money that won’t run out, you can buy all the items in the shop without having to run out of money.

That way you can improve your car’s capabilities so that it can beat enemy cars that are faster than you. You will immediately win if the condition of the car is at its maximum point.

2. Entire Car Unlocked

Every game with a racing theme definitely has vehicles that can be used in it. However, usually this vehicle cannot be used because it is still locked and you have to open it by defeating the enemy or buying it.

Well, this is different from the Raging Thunder 2 Mod because all the cars here are unlocked and you can use them directly to race. You can use the fastest car to defeat all existing enemy cars.

That way, in every race you take part in, you will win very easily. The enemy will definitely not move when racing with you because of the very high speed of your car.

3. No Ads Appear

Well, surely you would feel very irritated and irritated if you were having fun playing a game but suddenly out of nowhere an advertisement appeared. So your game is disturbed and you might lose because of the appearance of these advertisements.

This has been anticipated by the party who modified it so that advertisements that previously always appeared and were annoying have been completely blocked. So you can play with a focus on winning without having to be distracted by the advertisements that appear earlier.

4. 3D and HD graphics

Even though the size of the game is quite light and very compatible with all cellphones with the Android OS, the graphics displayed are 3-dimensional. Apart from that, the image quality is also High Definition or HD.

So that when playing you will not encounter invisible roads or unclear images. Because this game is the best racing game of its time.

5. Free

It’s not uncommon for a mod version of a game to have to pay to get it. Because the process of modifying a game is quite difficult for some developers. Therefore, some mod games are paid.

But not with this Raging Thunder 2 Mod because you can play it for free. You don’t have to pay first to be able to play it. Therefore, don’t wait later to play it, download the game now.

How to Download Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk?

Now that you know about this game and what its superior features are, you definitely can’t wait to download it. Below we provide a link to download it for free without any payment.

But before that, pay attention to the specifications of this game and compare them with your cellphone. You also make sure that your internal storage space is not full and that the internet connection is good.

This of course avoids undesirable events such as failed downloads due to full storage or an unstable internet network.

Description Information
Apk Name Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk
Apk Version 1.0.17
Apk Size 18.93 MB
Developer Polarbit
Android OS Android 5.1 and above
Category Racing (race)
Price Free
Downloads Here

By pressing the download link, you can get the Raging Thunder 2 Mod application for free. And you will definitely be confused about how to install it. Follow the instructions below so you don’t get confused.

How to Install Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk?

Indeed, if you have never installed an application from the internet before, you will definitely be confused. Because usually you only need to download it directly from the Play Store and then it will be installed automatically.

What’s more, this application is a modified version so there is a special way to install the application so it can be played. You can follow the steps we have prepared below.

  1. Once the game is downloaded, open settings and go to the security and privacy menu.
  2. Then check the list in the permissions column to install from unknown sources.
  3. After that, open the file manager application and go to the folder where you downloaded Raging Thunder 2 Mod just now.
  4. Then click on the application and press install to start the installation process.
  5. Wait a few seconds until the application is installed.
  6. If so, you can immediately play the game.
  7. Finished.

Differences Between Raging Thunder 2 Mod and the Original Version

There is definitely a difference that can be felt if you play both versions of this game, both the original version and the modified version. But the differences here will actually benefit you if you play with the mod version.

Here we will explain some of the differences between the two versions of this application. So you can differentiate and know which version to play.

Raging Thunder 2 Mod Apk Original version
The money has been given and is unlimited or will not run out Money is limited and runs out once it has been used
There are premium items that you can get for free Premium items can be obtained just by buying them
All maps are open Some maps are locked and you have to complete missions to open them
No ad interruptions There are advertisements that appear suddenly and are annoying

Is Raging Thunder 2 Mod Safe?

Surely there are some of you who are hesitant to play the modified version of the game because it was developed by someone other than the original developer. So what about this game itself which is a mod?

Not all mod applications carry a virus in them and many people play the mod version of some games. Likewise, Raging Thunder 2 Mod is very safe to play.

Because so far there have been no complaints from people who have played it that their cellphones had errors or were damaged because they installed this application. So you don’t need to worry anymore about playing it.

The final word

That’s our explanation of the Raging Thunder 2 Mod game and some of the special features in it. Hopefully this article can help you in finding the information you need. Thank you and see you again at the next opportunity.

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