PUBG Mobile Update Version 2.8: Battle Against Zombies Brings New Surprises

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, always manages to come up with exciting updates that keep its players interested and engaged. On September 5, 2023, Tencent released PUBG Mobile Update Version 2.8, which brought various significant changes to the game.

One of the main features added is a zombie-themed game mode known as “Zombie’s Edge.” In this article, we will take a deeper look at PUBG Mobile version 2.8, as well as how this game mode affects players’ gaming experience.

Exciting Battle Against Zombies

Zombie’s Edge is a game mode that PUBG Mobile fans have been waiting for a long time. This mode presents new challenges on the battlefield with the presence of various types of scary zombies.

Since September 5 2023, players can experience the sensation of fighting threatening zombies in PUBG Mobile. This mode will remain available until November 6, 2023, giving players enough time to test their skills against the zombie hordes.

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PUBG Mobile developer Lightspeed Studio has paid attention to various details in Zombie’s Edge mode. Some of the features emphasized by the developers in this mode are the existence of new skills, weapons, special areas, and items. All of these elements have been added to ensure a more immersive and thrilling gaming experience.

Special Weapons and Items to Fight Zombies

The battle against zombies will not be complete without the appropriate weapons and items. In Zombie’s Edge mode, players will encounter various types of zombies, including mutants, berserkers, and rippers. To defeat these zombies, players must use special weapons such as Mutation Gauntlets, Mutation Blade, and Maglev Hoveboard.

  • Mutation Gauntlets: These are large gloves capable of dealing massive damage at close range. Players can use their ferocious “Smash” ability to finish off approaching zombies.
  • Mutation Blade: This sharp weapon is suitable for slashing enemies quickly and efficiently. With Mutation Blade, players can face zombie threats with more confidence.
  • Maglev Hoverboard: For greater mobility on land and at sea, players can hop on the Maglev Hoverboard. This item can be found in the laboratory on some maps.

Three Maps that Become Zombie Battlefields

PUBG Mobile developers have also confirmed that Zombie’s Edge mode can be enjoyed on three maps that are familiar to PUBG Mobile players. This mode is available on Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps. Each map has its own landscape and challenges, so players must adapt quickly to survive.

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Significant changes have also been implemented to these three maps to create a more engaging gaming experience. The developer brings new elements and landscape adjustments that make the battle against zombies even more tense.

Weapon and Other Item Updates in PUBG Mobile Update Version 2.8

Apart from Zombie’s Edge mode, PUBG Mobile version 2.8 also brings updates to various weapons and other items. Some of them are:

  • Melee Weapons: Introduced a small melee weapon, the Dagger, which can deal additional damage to PvE enemies.
  • FAMAS: FAMAS is now an Air Drop weapon after changing its appearance and attributes.
  • AUG: AUG weapons have undergone adjustments, are no longer Air Drop weapons, and can now be found scattered across the map.
  • ACE32: Recoil on the ACE32 has been slightly reduced, and the animation has been improved.
  • Mk12: Now, the Mk12 weapon can be found on all Classic maps.

Apart from that, the update also includes changes to Arena’s weapons, such as the Honey Badger and ACE32.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Update Version 2.8

For players who want to try PUBG Mobile version 2.8, they can download it via the link available for Android and iOS platforms. The PUBG Mobile 2.8 update download size varies depending on the platform you are using. Android users can download it for around 853 MB via the Play Store, while iOS users need to prepare around 2.2 GB via the App Store. Alternatively, the download can also be done via the official PUBG Mobile website with a size of around 1.32 GB and 716 MB. Make sure to follow official links and avoid unauthorized links to keep your device safe.

You can see the PUBG Mobile download link below:

PUBG Mobile Update Schedule Update Version 2.8

PUBG Mobile update version 2.8 was officially released on September 5 2023, with downloads via the official app store (Play Store and App Store) available starting September 7 2023. Players who update between September 5-17 2023 will receive a reward in the form of 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and Beat Pirate Helmet for 3 days as a reward.

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PUBG Mobile version 2.8 brings various updates that make the playing experience even more interesting. Zombie’s Edge mode, updates to the map, new weapons and items all add layers of strategy and excitement to the game.

For PUBG Mobile fans, version 2.8 is worth waiting for, and they can download it right away to start playing with exciting new features. Stay alert during the battle against zombies, and have fun in the game!

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