PROJECT NEXT Second Phase of MLBB Experiences Major Changes

Moonton is proud to announce that the second phase of PROJECT NEXT will soon arrive at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) on September 19, 2023. In this update, players will feel a variety of significant changes that are pleasing to the eye to enhance the playing experience. Carrying the NEXT FOR U theme, Moonton has received a lot of input from players for a better MLBB playing experience.

In PROJECT NEXT September, there are 5 featured heroes from Eruditio who will get a revamp that changes them into a new look, namely Lolita, Layla, X-Borg, Bruno, and Johnson. In fact, Miya’s classic hero also gets a touch that will amaze the players.

In PROJECT NEXT this time, there will be several heroes who will receive a revamp and the ones most highlighted are Lolita and Johnson, because these two heroes can be said to have received the most significant revamp both in terms of hero appearance and skills.

From the appearance factor, Lolita will be changed in detail by Moonton, before the revamp it can be seen that this hero has a “macho” appearance, but after the update, all of these aspects are gone so that Lolita will appear more “feminine” and beautiful because of the change in hairstyle and the outfit worn.

His new outfit incorporates elements of Eruditio while highlighting his background as a mechanic, and his right arm features a new Exo-Wrist to support his shield and hammer generator. In addition, the hammer that Lolita will bring will be replaced with the Noumenon Energy Core design in the hammer.

In battle, before the revamp skill 1 “Charge” could not be combined with skill 2 “Guardian’s Bulwark”. However, after the revamp, when using skill 2, Lolita can still use skill 1 to protect teammates.

This change in skill 2 “Guardian’s Bulwark” allows Lolita to reflect various kinds of attacks when activating it. An example of an attack that can be reflected is the ultimate from Bane and Harley.

Meanwhile, Lolita’s most annoying skill, the ultimate aka Noumenon Blast, also gets a very useful revamp. Before getting revamped, if Lolita casts skills quickly, the ultimate hit opponent will not be stunned. Whereas after the revamp, Noumenon Blast will still be able to give a stun effect to the opponent even if the player doesn’t hold back his cast skill for a certain time.

Lolita’s passive skill, Noumenon Energy Core, will also change. Previously it could only be obtained when Lolita got closer to a hero who was not in battle, after being revamped, this skill will have an effect on all friends who are nearby when this hero arrives.

After Lolita, the hero who received the most significant revamp was Johnson. In terms of appearance, Johnson will be cooler with his shield becoming more futuristic and his modified car becoming sportier.

For skills, Johnson’s changes are in his most popular skill, namely ultimate. Later, players can go straight when casting skills, previously players had to wait first for Johnson to step on the gas.

Apart from that, Johnson’s previous ultimate skill can raise the opponent. When Johnson casts the ultimate skill, nearby friends can also climb into Johnson’s body. However, for the upcoming Project NEXT, friends who want to ride Johnson can do so at any time, provided that Johnson must pass close to the hero. When Johnson is close, a notification will appear as well as a button to enter.

For the other four heroes who are getting revamped, namely Layla, X-Borg, Bruno, and Miya, they will only get changes in the appearance of heroes that are more detailed and futuristic than before.






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