PopStealth Funny Stealth Game Available on Android and iOS

The new game made by developer Shun Nishida called PopStealth is finally released for iOS and Android, guys! PopStealth is a stealth action game genre where we are challenged to infiltrate and hide from various colored enemies to achieve goals in various stages. In PopStealth there are more than 50 challenging levels that we can play while choosing one of the 30 cool characters available.

So, each stage has a time limit that we must follow. So we have to move quickly while thinking about the best strategy to escape from the enemy!

In later levels we will be faced with various kinds of obstacles such as destroyed blocks which can cause our character to die, or there are also “warp” areas where our character’s position can suddenly change. Apart from that, don’t get caught by the enemy’s “line of sight” or concentration of vision! Then don’t stay in one place because time will continue to pass.

So, for those who like challenges and want to see their thinking speed, there is a ranking feature so you can compete with each other on who can complete the level the fastest! You could be a stealing champion if you can actually get the fastest time score.

Come on, hurry up and try the new sensation at PopStealth! This free game can be downloaded directly on the Google Play Store for Android users or on the App Store for iOS. Don’t forget to follow the official social media accounts so you don’t miss the latest updates! Let’s suitsuitsui while playing colorful monkey tricks on PopStealth!






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