PMVB Vol. 3 Officially Presents With a Challenging New Format!

PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) is back in the new season, Vol. 3by taking the PMPL Indonesia format which will only be implemented in 2023.

After two successful seasons previously, PMVB finally returned with the teams ladies PUBG Mobile is the strongest in Indonesia at the moment. Previously, Bigetron Ace and ONIC Ax managed to show their ferocity, and won in Season 1 and Season 2.

In Vol. This 3rd time, PMVB officially brought in 20 teams that will compete in the league round on 8 – 17 September 2023. Apart from professional teams, PMVB Vol. 3 was also attended by many community teams who were no less strong.

By respecting the theme #PrettyToughthis season focuses on Beauty & Strength. The players will prove who the team is ladies who is strong and deserves to come out as champion in this new season, and compete for a total prize of 140 Million Rupiah!

Infinite level has always been committed to developing the PUBG Mobile ladies scene. One form of support is by consistently holding PMVB from season to season. It is proven that the PUBG Mobile ladies scene is increasingly in demand, with more than 500 ladies registering for PMVB Vol. 3.

In the future, we hope that the ladies scene can become more competitive, with ladies players competing at higher levels, such as PMPL, PMSL, and PMGC.” said Agung Chaniago, Country Manager of Level Infinite Indonesia.

Hendi, a lapakgaming representative, wore white clothes

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20 Teams in PMVB Vol 3

Unlike the format in previous seasons, PMVB Vol. 3 invited 5 teams that entered from the invite line. They will immediately play in the league stage on September 8, 2023.

Not only 5 teams, 3 teams that succeeded in becoming the Top 3 in the Women Club Series Season 6 will also receive prizes slots specially together with invited team others through invitations. That way, there are already 8 teams that will definitely compete!

The other 12 teams were selected through an open qualification route which was held on 26 August 2023 – 27 August 2023. A total of 128 teams registered to take part in phase 1.

A total of 3 phases were successfully passed by the teams ladies Indonesia, and the remaining 12 strongest teams have qualified for the League round. Here are the 20 teams that will compete in PMVB Vol. 3:


Invited Teams:

  • Bigetron Ace
  • Aditama Viper
  • Voin Navin
  • Bulls Chaos
  • Princess boarding house

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WCS Season 6:

  • Bloods Powerpuff
  • CAF Lynx
  • God of United Radiance

Open Qualifiers:

  • 7 Seconds
  • 22 MC
  • CX Cortex Halley
  • Daisy Crystal
  • Detachment Zoo
  • Griffin Verana
  • Limstic Victoria
  • Butterflux
  • NVL Irish
  • River Phoenix
  • Star Gold Xs Ladies
  • The Hero

All teams that qualify for the League round will collect points using the new format this season, so they can play again in the final round on 22 – 24 September 2023. As usual, there will be 4 teams that will be knocked out in the League round, leaving only 16 teams remaining. who qualified for the Grand Finals round.

PMVB Schedule and Format Vol. 3

Several ranks of matches have been successfully carried out, from registration to rounds Open Qualifiers. The closest schedule is the League round which will start on September 8 2023.

The following is the schedule for PMVB Vol. 3 that will be implemented soon:

  • Week 1: September 8-10, 2023
  • Week 2: 15-17 September 2023\
  • Grand Finals: September 22-24, 2023

Seeing that PUBG Mobile tournaments have gotten bigger and more exciting lately, of course scene ladies don’t want to miss this. The format that will be used will be exactly the same as the official PUBG Mobile tournament in 2023.

There will be bonus points that the teams get at the end of each week, where these points will be accumulated into points in the Grand Finals round later.


The aim of this format is of course to encourage teams to maintain the consistency of their performance by playing seriously since the League round, so they can collect as many bonus points as possible as capital if they successfully qualify for the Grand Finals round.

There are 3 maps that will be competed in PMVB Vol. 33 ie Erangel, Miramarand also Sanhok. The twenty teams will be divided into 5 different groups and play a total of 24 matches in total.

For PUBG Mobile fans, you will definitely be familiar with this new format, and finally we will be able to see the team soon ladies struggling to use the same format as PMPL ID and PMSL SEA.

#PrettyTough Charity

PMVB Vol. 3 is a form of special concern from PUBG MOBILE Indonesia for the women’s esports scene in Indonesia. In line with this form of concern, PUBG MOBILE Indonesia, through this activity, wants to give special attention to women in Indonesia, one of which is by holding philanthropic activities for people with cervical cancer.

As of 2021, data regarding cervical cancer that attacks women in Indonesia ranks second in terms of the highest number of cancer cases. This data comes from the 2021 Indonesian Health Profile.

PMVB Tournament Vol. 3 make a exclusive jacket which will be marketed to the people of Indonesia. The income earned will be donated to the Indonesian Cancer Foundation for the recovery process for cancer sufferers.

Chahritu Leve Inviniite

Certainly PUBG Mobile Indonesia via PMVB Vol. 3 wants to expect a lot of help from esports fans in Indonesia by setting targets Milestones at number 80 Million Rupiah. For those of you who are curious about how to order it, wait for further information at Instagram PUBG Mobile Esports ID yes!

Watch the excitement of the teams and win the title from Bigetron Ace in PMVB Vol 3, don’t forget to fight for a total prize of 140 Million Rupiah later. You can watch the game on YouTube PUBG Mobile Indonesia or on your TikTok account @pubgmobileofficialid and Facebook!






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