PH FlapTzy: I’m Mukbang Moreno at IESF 2023

PH FlapTzy: I’m Mukbang Moreno at IESF 2023

A taunting was heard from player PH FlapTzy after the defeat of the Indonesian National Team at the IESF 2023.

He said this because previously Moreno had said that he was mukbang PH at the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series MLBB S3 event.

On his live stream, FlapTzy revealed a taunting which was quite interesting because he said that he mukbang Moreno yesterday at IESF 2023. For more classes, you can watch the following video.

In essence, yesterday at IESF MLBB 2023, Moreno was mukbang because yesterday at ESL Moreno said the same thing.

But he didn’t want to talk more than that, he only revealed that he was afraid Moreno would retire from playing ML if he said something else to Moreno.

Apart from mukbang, FlapTzy also commented a little about the PH era which was talked about ending because Indonesia managed to win ESL, but according to him that will not happen because Indonesia is strong for just one tournament, even in Indonesia itself.

Indeed, we have to admit that PH is strong because in tournaments held from M2 to the 2023 Sea Games, PH has always been the champion. Only the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series MLBB S3 was successfully won by Indonesia.

It is very natural for PH to say that the era is not over yet. We will prove later at M5 that we really want to beat PH because this event is the highest Mobile Legends tournament in existence.

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