Pet Hoot Free Fire (FF) Doesn’t Fit in the Current META? This is the Reason!

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After waiting for a long time, finally Free Fire officially brought a new pet named Hoot to the Live Server. This pet was introduced on the Advance Server FF July 2022 yesterday.

As you can see, Hoot is adapted from an Owl which is identical with wide feet and big eyes which shows that its eyesight is very sharp. The skills that this Pet brings are also not far from the characteristics of the Owl itself.

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Hoot has a skill that can increase the distance and duration of enemy marker items or skills. Even though it sounds interesting, Pet Hoot’s skills are not suitable for the current META Free Fire. What do you think the reason is? Check out the following review to find the answer!

Pet Hoot Skill Isn’t Suitable in Current META, Why?

Hoot has a skill named Far-Sighted. At maximum level, this skill able to provide an additional distance of 10 meters and an additional duration of 2.5 seconds for each enemy detection skill or item that players use.

The addition of distance and duration for the enemy marking skill given by this Pet is quite interesting, because it can expand the range and optimize the time to find enemies. Moreover, the Pet Hoot skill doesn’t have a cooldown.

However, Pet Hoot is not suitable in the current META because there are not many enemy detection skills currently in the Free Fire META ranks. Clu, who should be the best character to be combined with this Pet, in fact, didn’t even enter the META.

On the other hand, other enemy detection skills such as Otho, Shirou, and Moco are also not the main choice at this time. It seems that only Moco is still often used. For the rest, there are no characters or items with abilities scanning which is effective to combine with Hoot.

UAV-Lite is the only item that matches this new pet skill. However, the low drop rate and its situational use make Pet Hoot useless if players don’t have the UAV-lite itself.

The Free Fire META currently still places Falco, Beaston, Mr. Waggor and Rockie are the top priority Pets so it is still quite difficult for Pet Hoot to enter META because there are many Pets to compete with.

In the view of you, is Pet Hook suitable for use in the current META or not? Give your opinion via the comments column!






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