PeduliLindungi WhatsApp ChatBot Number (New Feature)

Do you want to check your vaccination status or download a vaccine certificate? You can simply do this by calling the PeduliLindungi WhatsApp ChatBot number.

Vaccination is something that you must follow because this will help your body be more resistant to attacks by the COVID-19 virus.

Vaccination is also a mandatory requirement for those of you who want to travel or want to enter places such as malls, playgrounds, etc.

The officer guarding the place will ask you to show your vaccine card. Therefore, vaccination is a way not only to increase body resistance but also to make traveling easier.

Apart from that, there is the PeduliLindungi application which will also actively check your movements when carrying out daily activities.

Especially for those who often go out of town. However, it turns out that not everyone understands how to use this application. Some people claim to have difficulty accessing it.

To overcome this problem, there is a solution from the Ministry of Health by presenting the WhatsApp PeduliLindung ChatBot. This chatbot aims to make it easier for people to access PeduliLindungi.

WhatsApp ChatBot Cares to Protect

New Features PeduliLindungi

The PeduliLindungi WhatsApp chatbot is a solution from the Ministry of Health to provide convenience for people who want to access data related to vaccination in the PeduliLindungi application.

Through the ChatBot, you can download the vaccine certificate instantly without having to go directly from the PeduliLindungi application.

What is the WhatsApp PeduliLindungi Chatbot Number?

To be able to use the ChatBot, the first thing you do is find out what the WhatsApp PeduliLindungi ChatBot number is.

Without knowing the number, you cannot contact the ChatBot and automatically cannot get information about vaccination data.

New WhatsApp ChatBot Number feature PeduliLindungi

The PeduliLindungi WhatsApp ChatBot number is: 081110500567. You just call the number and get the information you need.

Later you will be asked to enter the number you use in the Pedulilindungi application to get the OTP code.

That is the information about the Pedulilundingi WhatsApp ChatBot number. Now just follow the instructions that appear when you call the number. Hope it is useful.






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