Paw Rumble Reaches 1 Million Downloads Globally

The game industry has grown rapidly in recent years, including the creations of the nation’s children who have managed to steal the world’s attention. Paw Rumble is one of the games made by the nation’s children with this genre Arcade-Casual published by Nuon Gamespart PT Nuon Digital Indonesia (Nuon) has succeeded in breaking the 1 million download mark globally since its release on July 12 2023 in collaboration with Dunia Games – Telkomsel as co-publisher in Indonesian territory.

Paw Rumble is a masterpiece developers a local from Surabaya, namely Grinsmile who managed to follow Indigo Game StartUp Incubation It is also very popular in India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

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Apart from being a party game, it can be played by up to four players. The Paw Rumble game has unique, stunning gameplay with three game modes, namely; Overgreed, Bomb, and Letter. Through this game mode, this game succeeds in providing an experience that has never existed before. Players will feel challenged and entertained by the gameplay that is different from other arcade games.

Apart from that, in terms of adorable visual design, this game is able to display stunning visuals by combining six adorable animal characters (mascots) (art style-pixel) so that players of all ages will be enticed to try playing together and compete to be the winner in each game. gaming modes. There are several main characters that gamers can use, such as Chipper, Beruskhya, Nekomon, Ducko, Carpy and Poggu, which are designed to be very attractive and adorable.

Support from users, communities and influencers is also an important key in achieving 1 million downloads. Nuon Games actively interacts with players through social media and forums, listening to feedback and responding quickly. Additionally, partnerships with local and international influencers help introduce the game to a wider audience to accelerate download growth. Currently the Paw Rumble game has the largest user base in India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Nuon Games and Grinsmile continue to maintain player interest by providing additional new levels, additional characters, and new game modes that are introduced regularly. This ensures that players remain interested and engaged in the game’s journey.

The achievement of this arcade game made by the nation’s children by reaching 1 million downloads in a relatively short time is clear proof that creativity, hard work and a focus on quality can bring extraordinary results. “By combining innovative gameplay, very attractive visual design, strong community support, and effective marketing strategies, the Paw Rumble game proves that Indonesia has enormous potential for developing the games industry,” said Aris Sudewo as CEO of Nuon.

To celebrate 1 million downloads globally, Paw Rumble is holding a Buy 1 Get 1 Nekomon Skin promo for all Paw Rumble players which runs from 21 August to 7 September 2023. Come immediately and experience the exciting Paw Rumble game which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store!






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