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is fighter hero in Mobile Legends game which was released in January 2021. Model heroes This is inspired by a professional boxer from the Philippines named Manny Pacquiao.

Paquito is famous for burst damage each of his skills is very deadly. Appearing as a boxer, Paquito was made to be
fighter hero Which sustain. The attributes are quite complete, Paquito has an effect crowd control the strong one, burst damage deadly, as well as additional armor thick.

In META now, Paquito is often used in areas EXP lanes to be hero damage dealer main while doing teamfights.
Apart from that, with his high mobility, Paquito can rotate or rotate flanking more easily.

Paquito has a total 5 skins with various qualities, starting from basic skin, special, until collectors. Here are some views from Paquito that you can download for free.



Paquito is a legendary boxer. Therefore, his appearance was made very fierce, complete with red boxing gloves.

Paquito “Death Blow” Basic Skin

In basic skinsIn fact, Paquito appears with a more intimidating body, especially with the snake tattoo clearly displayed on his chest, making Paquito’s aura feel even more deadly.

The most striking thing about basic skins this is found in
backgroundvery colorful. The color of his hair also changed to white, so that’s how it looks different from his appearance

Paquito “Manny Pacquiao”

It wouldn’t be complete if Paquito didn’t have a skin that was the main inspiration in making it heroeshis, namely Manny Pacquiao.

Skins This collaboration is available for a limited time, and it must be acknowledged that skins this has a truly stunning effect.

With a price that is not too expensive, you can get it
skins which for me is equivalent in effect to skin collectors. Especially, skins this is contrived limited The same Moontonmaking the impression of luxury even more pronounced.

Paquito “Underground Boxer” Special Skin

Just like the name, deep skins here Paquito appears as a sadistic (illegal) underground boxer. His modified boxing gloves with metal arms clearly illustrate how brutal Paquito’s fights were.

Deep skill effect skins it also has significant changes. You will see a bright yellow explosion effect when Paquito is doing a skill combo. It’s true when compared
skins Another Paquito I guess skins this still feels very lacking, the advantage is only in a good model.

Paquito “Fist of Light” Special Skin

Still in skins special, but this time skins Paquito’s special is here limited and you can only get it after buying
M4 Pass in early 2023.

This skin appears in a blue and yellow metallic robotic costume, the skill effects are the same, there are blue electric effects too.

Although a limited skinsI think skins It is Paquito that has the least effect when compared to skins Another Paquito. The model doesn’t feel luxurious, it’s still just standard.

Paquito “Fulgent Punch” Starlight Skin

Fulgent Punch is starlight skin Paquito in May 2022. In skins Paquito appears with an effect full of golden yellow.

Even if only starlight skins, for me skins this actually looks much more interesting in comparison with 2 skins previous special. The effect feels more lively, the model design is good, the price is cheap too, the package is basically complete.

Paquito “Blazing Tiger” Collector Skin

as a skin collector, I don’t think I need to ask anymore about the quality. Just from the model
skins This already feels very luxurious, Paquito comes with boxing gloves in the shape of a flaming tiger’s head.

The skill effects are no less luxurious, there are lots of additional effects presented, comparable to the price which is quite expensive.

So far, skin Blazing Tiger this is what it is skins The best paquitos.


Those are some views Paquito HD wallpapers which you can download for free. If any of you want to add anything, please just write it in the comments column.

Thank You.


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