Own the J.Biebs Gloo Wall FF Skin in the Latest Free Fire Faded Wheel Event!

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In the Free Fire x Justin Bieber collaboration, not only does J.Biebs’ newest character be presented, but there are also a number of other items that you can get with Justin Bieber’s distinctive appearance.

One of them is a special J.Biebs Gloo Wall skin called J.Biebs Gloo Wall- Biebs Mural which will be coming soon and can be had at the latest Free Fire Faded Wheel event.

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For Booyah friends who are curious about the appearance of the J.Biebs Gloo Wall- Biebs Mural skin and what the latest Faded Wheel event will look like, here is Our News which has the leak!

J.Biebs Gloo Wall Biebs Mural Free Fire (FF)

J.Biebs Gloo Wall- Biebs Mural is a skin that is present in the Free Fire x Justin Bieber collaboration. Interestingly, in this Gloo Wall skin, you can see Justin Bieber in a Gloo Wall.

Later, the J.Biebs Gloo Wall- Biebs Mural skin will be present at the latest Faded Wheel event. Interestingly, not only is there a J.Biebs Gloo Wall- Biebs Mural, but there is also a new Bundle called the Two-toned Grief Bundle.

This newest Faded Wheel will be available starting September 5 2022. Like the previous Faded Wheel event, you is required to remove 2 unwanted prizes first by doing a Spin.

Meanwhile, the Spin price in the Faded Wheel in the first Spin is 9 Diamonds and will increase with the number of Spins. This means, you has the opportunity to get the Two-toned Grief Bundle or J.Biebs Gloo Wall for only 9 Diamonds.

What about you’s own opinion regarding the J.Biebs Gloo Wall – Biebs Mural and Two-toned Grief Bundle which was present at this latest Faded Wheel event. Interested in getting it?

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