Own Eyelash Tutorial (Install Extension) with Good Results

Some women feel lazy about wearing false eyelashes or using mascara to curl their eyelashes. This is because it doesn’t last long. One step that can be done is with your own eyelash tutorial.

There are many beauty salons that provide eyelash installation, but unfortunately you have to queue for a long time. For those of you who don’t want to wait long, you can use your own eyelash extensions at home by paying attention to the following steps.

Your Own Eyelash Tutorial

To do the installation of eyelash extensions, you need to pay attention to several things. Check out tips and how to use anti-fail eyelash so that it makes your face look more optimal and you don’t need to use mascara anymore.

1. Choose Eyelash As Needed

There are many eyelash styles that you need to adjust to your needs. Each model has its own characteristics so you shouldn’t choose carelessly to make it attractive to look at. Apart from that, the choice of eyelash must also be adjusted to your profession or career.

For example, if you work as an office worker or don’t work, you should use an eyelash model that is not too thick because it will look excessive. Therefore, you need to use a natural eyelash model so that it displays an attractive appearance even though it is not too thick.

Thus, this look is safe for everyday use and doesn’t seem too flashy. It’s different if you have a job in the world of entertainment or sales which requires you to appear attractive and good looking, then you can choose thick or voluminous eyelashes so that it’s easy to work and you don’t need to use mascara anymore.

2. Prepare the Eyelash Extension Tool properly

The next step that needs to be taken into account is preparing some equipment for the extension properly.

This is important because you will be doing it yourself, so some tools are needed to help make the installation easier. The tools needed include tweezers, special eyelash glue, a ring or a small basin.

Then, there are also eyelash extensions, eyeliner, and eyelash brushes. All of these tools need to be prepared completely to make it easier to do your own eyelash tutorial.

3. Eye Position that Must Be Done

The next eyelash tutorial is to position the eyes properly so that when installing there are no mistakes. The right position when installing eyelashes is lifting the eyebrows up while the direction of the eyes is looking down and in front of the mirror.

With this position that will facilitate the installation of eyelashes so that it is easier to apply. This position will also help in preventing the glue from getting into your eyelids.

4. Start the Self Eyelash Installation Stage

Aatnya entered the eyelash tutorial itself, the most crucial, namely the installation stage. The steps that need to be considered in installing eyelashes are as follows:

  • Cut the tape according to the length of the eyelid and attach it to the eyelid area. Its function is to facilitate the installation of eyelash extensions and will lift up the eyelids.
  • After that, glue the eye stickers. You need to do this to provide space between the upper and lower lashes. Therefore, this sticker will be affixed to the lower lashes. This also functions to prevent eyelash glue from getting into the eyes.
  • Next, pour the eyelash extension glue in the container, just one drop.
  • Take this eyelash per strand slowly. next, dip the tip into the glue. After that, separate the eyelashes using the tweezers in the other hand.
  • Attach it close to the base of the lashes to make it look real. Avoid applying it too far or only around the area as this can cause irritation from the glue getting on the skin.
  • Do the same instructions repeatedly to the middle. That way, the eyelashes will appear more voluminous according to your needs.
  • If so, use a small portable fan so that the eyelash glue dries and sticks to the eyelashes. If so, all you have to do is comb your eyelashes using an eyelash brush to make them blend together and look better.

Important Facts about Eyelash Extensions

If you want to install eyelash extensions, it’s also important to know interesting facts about them so you can better understand and do the installation properly.

1. Eyelashes are different from false eyelashes

Many people don’t understand the difference between eyelashes and eyelashes. Please note that the two have different principles. False eyelashes are usually attached to the eyelid and worn in one strip.

So, you just glue them and don’t need to glue them one by one. Meanwhile, eyelash extensions are done by attaching individual strands to the natural eyelashes so that they look more natural.

The use of glue for eyelash extensions comes from a surgical procedure, so the glue is stronger and lasts longer than false eyelashes. So, the glue from these eyelashes will be resistant to sweat, oil, and water.

2. Various Eyelash Materials

There are other important things about eyelash extensions, which are made up of various materials. Eyelashes for this extension can be made of synthetic materials or natural materials. Generally have materials that are water-resistant and minimize the risk of irritation on the eyelids as long as they are installed correctly.

If you use natural materials, eyelash extensions can come from human hair, animal hair, or silk thread. Meanwhile, if you use artificial or synthetic materials, they can be made of plastic or acrylic.

3. The installation stage takes a long time

The results of this eyelash will usually last a long time and look natural. However, you also need to pay attention to some of the drawbacks. For example, it takes a long time to install.

This is because you need to apply it one strand at a time so it usually lasts around 2-4 hours. So, it takes extra patience if you intend to install it yourself. You can also ask for help to make it lighter.

4. Requires Aftercare

If you use eyelashes, over time the false eyelashes will fall out one by one. To prevent rapid hair loss, you should not rub and rub your eyes too much.

Another treatment that you can do is avoid swimming too often or taking a shower because that will speed up the eyelashes falling out. Also be careful when using facial wash.

Avoid oil-based ingredients. This is because the oil ingredients will make the eyelash glue easily not strong enough to make the eyelashes fall out. Therefore, use it slowly.

You can do your own eyelash tutorial at home by paying attention to the instructions given above. However, if you are still a beginner and are afraid of not being neat, you should go to a salon that provides eyelash installation so that the results are better.

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