Otoklix Records Double Annual Growth

News – Otoklix announced impressive yearly growth achievements, close to profitability. The company also revealed their ambitious plans to play a central role in improving the electric vehicle infrastructure in Indonesia.

Founded in 2019, Otoklix has transformed the automotive aftermarket sector in Indonesia, which was previously fragmented and inefficient.

In the past two years, the startup reported double-digit revenue growth from the previous year, along with positive double-digit unit economic growth.

This growth was even faster than mainstream revenue growth, bringing the company to profitability in just 12 months.

Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket sector is one of the largest in Southeast Asia, with a value of around US$16 billion. However, even though it has great growth, this industry is still faced with various challenges.

In Indonesia, vehicle repair services are often complicated, with authorized dealers facing high costs and long waiting times.

On the other hand, the independent repair shop sector, which accounts for 80% of the market, experiences problems such as fraud risk, lack of standardization and unsatisfactory after-sales service.

Many independent repair shops still use manual pen and paper methods to manage transactions, which hinders their growth and profitability.

With the support from AC Ventures as the main investor, Otoklix has taken firm steps to overcome this problem. They have created a platform that makes it easier for vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles, with more standardized and transparent services.

Users can easily find and access services at recommended independent workshops around them, with guaranteed transactions in collaboration with Otoklix.

For workshops, Otoklix provides powerful customer relationship management and supply chain management software, designed to significantly increase revenue, margins and operational efficiency.

This impressive financial growth is in line with their technological advances. Otoklix has even revealed plans to achieve profits within one year. This strong financial foundation is a testament to the success of the company’s business model and the high demand for their services in the market.

Regarding future initiatives, Otoklix has very ambitious plans. One of his plans is to open his own repair shop to increase margins. They are also exploring business-to-business (B2B) solutions and have collaborated closely with corporate clients such as Telkom Group.

In the field of technology, they are developing proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to automate data and diagnostic processes to increase efficiency in workshops.

In addition, Otoklix is ​​preparing to become a pioneer in the electric vehicle aftermarket sector in Indonesia with a focus on preparing and training workshop teams to service electric motorcycles.

This startup has also established a strategic partnership with Pertamina, the state-owned oil and gas company, to restore the Bright Olimart service network at Pertamina petrol stations. This partnership is expected to expand Otoklix’s reach while adding additional convenience and certainty for vehicle owners across the country.

Otoklix is ​​not only successful in its business, but is also a real example of how digital transformation can give new life to traditional sectors. This shows that the Indonesian market is ready to accept technological innovations that address real consumer problems, while giving traditional sectors the tools they need to compete in the modern era. The extraordinary growth of this startup is a convincing proof of the product’s suitability to market needs.

Martin Reyhan Suryohusudo, Founder and CEO of Otoklix, said, “In two years, Otoklix has achieved two-fold year-on-year revenue growth, and the data doesn’t lie—there is huge untapped potential in Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket sector. When the sector faces challenges such as lack of standardization and inefficiencies, we see these not as obstacles, but as opportunities. The opportunity to provide transformative digital solutions that not only make vehicle maintenance a seamless experience for owners, but also drive operational excellence for independent repair shops.”

Martin added, “Our positive double-digit percentage growth in unit economy also shows that we are on the right track, and this is just the start. As we approach profitability, we are poised to capture a larger market share and set new industry standards, making Otoklix the top choice in automotive maintenance in Indonesia.”






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