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WhatsApp as a popular chatting and communication platform has attracted many developers to modify this application. One of the popular modified WhatsApp applications is GB WhatsApp. The original WA GB application offers more interesting features than the original version.

More diverse features and security which are said to be better than other WhatsApp modifications make the latest GB WhatsApp 2023 sought after by many people. However, even though it is said to be better in terms of security, this application is still an illegal application.

For those of you who are interested in experiencing the sensation of enjoying various modified WhatsApp features that are not in the original application, read this article to the end.

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Specifications and Original WA GB Download Link

The original WA GB offers more features including powerful security features than other modified WhatsApp applications. As an illegal application, you cannot download this application via the Google Play Store like Android applications in general.

The following is the safe and latest download link for the GB WhatsApp application:

Information Details
APK name GB WhatsApp
APK Type Modified WhatsApp message sending application
Minimum OS Android 5.0 and above
Update Apk March 2023
Application Developer AlexMod
Application Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/7pnsnl1g51qurtb/GBWhatsApp-18.90_Alexmods_JalanTikus.apk/file
License Fee Free

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Steps to Download and Install the GB WhatsApp Application

As a modified application, you can access the original WA GB for free without having to register first. However, because it is an illegal application, users have to download and install this application manually on their Android phones. Here are the download and installation steps:

  • First, click the download link for the GB WhatsApp application in the table above
  • If the application file has been downloaded, the next stage is to prepare your Android smartphone so you can install the application. You do this by tapping the menu Arrangement on smartphones
  • Next, look for the sub menu Privacy and Security
  • Activate Unknown Source by tapping the sub menu until a check mark appears next to it
  • Press the button Yes on the notification pop up to activate Unknown Source
  • Next look for the folder Downloads where to save APK files. Tap the APK file and select it Install
  • Click options Agree and Continue
  • If the application is already installed, next Log in to your WhatsApp account by entering a cell phone number. Perform verification as usual

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Features Offered by the Original WA GB Application

There are many types of modified WhatsApp applications, such as MB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp and so on. The GB WhatsApp application offers several interesting features as follows:

1. Anti Revoke feature

The first interesting feature that WA GB application users can enjoy is the anti-revoke feature. This Anti Revoke allows users to read every message that has been deleted by the previous sender.

As we know, the latest version of the WhatsApp application is equipped with a message deletion feature which is used to delete messages that have been sent so that they cannot be read by the recipient.

This feature is very beneficial, but on the other hand it makes the message recipient feel curious about the contents of the deleted message. Fortunately, WA GB is equipped with an anti-revoke feature to read deleted messages.

2. Hide Activity feature

One of the advantages of the WA GB application is the many features to maintain the privacy of its users. The hide activity feature allows users to hide the activities they are doing on WhatsApp without being detected by other people.

This feature will make typing status, online indicators in the chat column unreadable on other people’s WhatsApp. So users are free to do activities on WhatsApp without worrying about other users knowing.

3. Double Account feature

WhatsApp users who need more than one account to carry out various activities can also have two accounts on one smartphone device. If you use the official WhatsApp, only one account can be run on one device.

However, if you use a modified application such as WA GB, one device can run two accounts at once. This is certainly very easy.

4. Features on Status

The WA GB application offers several interesting features related to managing the WhatsApp status of its users. This interesting feature consists of a feature for copying other people’s statuses and also a limit on the number of letters on larger statuses.

The copy status feature allows you to copy other people’s writing published on their status and then paste the writing elsewhere. The number of letters you can add to your status is also greater, namely 255 characters.

5. Easy Send Message Feature

The original WA GB application also provides a variety of features that make it easier for users to send messages. One of these features is the feature of sending messages without needing to save the recipient’s number first. This is one of the conveniences that WhatsApp users really like.

Often when someone wants to send a message to many numbers, such as broadcast, they have to save the number first, which is quite troublesome. However, GB WA makes it easy to send messages directly to numbers that are not saved.

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Risks of Installing Modified WhatsApp Applications

Even though the original WA GB application is said to be anti-ban, aka anti-blocking and free from advertising, the modified application certainly still has several risks that users must understand. Below are the risks of using WhatsApp APK Modification:

1. Account is at risk of being permanently blocked

One of the biggest risks of using the MB WA modification application is that the account can be banned or permanently blocked by the Meta company that developed the WhatsApp application. You still have to be aware of this even though GB WA has an anti-ban feature.

If the account has been blocked by WhatsApp, the account can no longer be accessed and you can lose all previous conversation data. To prevent your account from being blocked, avoid sending reports or feedback to the application.

2. Risk of Malware

The next dangerous risk that may exist in the WA GB application is the presence of malware in the application. Malware like this virus is sometimes deliberately planted by the developer or website where we download it.

Malware is very dangerous because it can cause slow device performance or even data theft.

3. Annoying Adware

One of the most annoying things about installing and using the modified WhatsApp application is the appearance of adware on the cellphone. This adware can even appear when the user is not opening WhatsApp GB.

This advertising spam usually collaborates with WhatsApp modification developers so it is impossible to eliminate it.

The original WA GB application offers advantages in the form of an anti-ban feature that is not available from other modified WhatsApp applications. Other features that can be enjoyed for free are the copy status feature, ease of sending messages, anti-revoke feature, download status, and others.






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