Oppo A95 Disadvantages and Specifications

There are only a few days left, the Oppo A95 will soon be officially launched on the Indonesian market. November 18 is the moment chosen to officially introduce the Oppo A95, as well as open the purchase window for consumers. But before buying, let’s first look at some of the shortcomings of the latest Oppo A95.

Until now, Oppo has not officially announced the price of the Oppo A95. However, according to estimates, it is very likely that this cellphone will be sold at almost Rp. 4 million or maybe even break through the Rp. 4 Million.

Everything will soon be revealed clearly on November 18. If you intend to buy a new cellphone at the end of this year, you might want to use the Oppo A95 as a reference.

However, before deciding to buy, it would be better to know first about the cellphone you are going to buy. At least first learn about the various advantages it has. Likewise with the various shortcomings of the Oppo A95.

Oppo A95 Disadvantages and Specifications

Spending almost Rp. 4 million or even up to Rp. 4 million to buy a smartphone, of course it requires careful consideration. That kind of money is not a small amount of money, and of course we don’t want to make a mistake when buying a smartphone.

So, what unpleasant things will you get if you buy the Oppo A95? One of the shortcomings of the Oppo A95 is on the camera side. It’s not a problem because it only uses 3 cameras, but because the camera that must be absent is the ultrawide lens.

Not to mention the disadvantage of the Oppo A95 which still doesn’t have NFC. Yes, even though it doesn’t have a cheap price tag, it turns out that this cellphone still doesn’t have NFC, which is now increasingly being used by smartphone users.

The RAM is large, especially with the help of the Expendable RAM feature. Do you intend to just buy a high storage variant? Don’t expect that, let’s just look at some of the shortcomings of the Oppo A95.

1. No Ultrawide Camera

Oppo A95 Minus Ultrawide Camera

Smartphones with 3 or 4 rear cameras are now very easy to find. Even on cellphones costing Rp. For just 2 million, we won’t have any difficulty getting a quad camera cellphone. Honestly, this is not the problem I want to highlight about the Oppo A95.

Having 3 cameras is not necessarily worse than having 4 rear cameras. But of course we have to look at what lens is used, will smartphone users really use it often or is it just for decoration?

Let’s take one example, namely a macro camera. Macro cameras are generally useful for taking objects at super close distances, maybe only around 2 to 5cm. Well, I’m sure not many smartphone users use this macro camera.

For now, I use a smartphone which also has a macro camera. I very rarely use this macro camera, because what do we have to photograph with an object and camera so close? Of course it will be rare.

This is different with the ultrawide camera. We can use this lens when the object is too close, but it must be able to capture the object in one frame. Of course the answer is to use an ultrawide camera. Personally, I quite often use this ultrawide camera.

However, this is precisely where the weakness of the Oppo A95 lies, which eliminates the ultrawide lens. The Oppo A95 uses a 48MP main camera lens, 2MP macro and 2MP depth. Personally, I think the ultrawide camera is much more useful than the macro camera.

It is true that ultrawide lenses will be more expensive than macro lenses. However, with a price that could be close to Rp. 4 million, I’m sure giving an ultrawide lens isn’t too difficult anymore. It is proven that there are many Rp. 2 million who can have an ultrawide camera.

This is one of the shortcomings that is very annoying in my personal opinion. Because from personal experience, I use ultrawide cameras more often than macro cameras. Meanwhile, for the selfie camera, the Oppo A95 uses a 16MP lens which is quite capable.

2. Missing NFC

Oppo A95 Minus NFC

Technology is increasingly sophisticated and now more and more people are using cashless payment methods. Apart from being complicated and considered a hassle, of course because of the Covid-19 outbreak which requires us to keep our distance from each other and minimize contact with other people.

But unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this using the Oppo A95. This latest smartphone from Oppo still doesn’t have an NFC feature and of course it’s quite annoying for the price range in my opinion.

We can see that currently, cellphones with a price tag of Rp. Just 3 million already has the NFC feature. Yes, because quite a lot of people use this feature. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration if I call the absence of NFC one of the shortcomings of the Oppo A95.

3. Limited Storage Variations

With Oppo’s Expendable RAM feature, we can enjoy up to 5GB of virtual RAM using internal memory. Smartphone users will certainly welcome this, because we can have a smartphone with a total of 13GB RAM from the Oppo A95.

But unfortunately, this is not in line with the internal storage capacity. Until I published this article, Oppo reportedly only released 1 internal memory variant for the Oppo A95. Only 128GB, and I’m sure there will be people who feel that this storage media is still not enough.

Conclusion Regarding the Disadvantages of Oppo A95

When we have prepared the money, it almost reaches Rp. 4 million just to buy a smartphone, of course there are many things to consider. It’s only natural that we have high expectations for the prospective smartphone we are going to buy.

If you don’t really need an ultrawide camera, sophisticated NFC features and are satisfied with the 128GB internal memory, then the Oppo A95 is very worthy of being an option. Apart from all that, the Oppo A95 is also superior in several sectors.

In the previous article, I discussed the advantages of the Oppo A95 too. You can read this article to be sure whether you should buy the latest Oppo A95 or not.

Finally, that’s my review regarding the shortcomings of the Oppo A95. Hopefully it can be a reference for you in making a choice when you want to buy a smartphone.

Update 18 November 2021

Oppo has officially launched the Oppo A95 on November 18 2021. The pre-order faucet has also been opened from the 18th – 25th, then on the 26th Oppo will start sending orders to each buyer.

The price tag for the Oppo A95 is Rp. 3,999,000. However, if you buy during the pre-order period, you will get a prize worth Rp. 399,000 in the form of the A95 Audio Ball. To pre-order, you can buy it via the official Oppo Indonesia website or via Shopee.






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