Opera’s AI ‘Aria’ Now Supports Opera GX Browser!

In May 2023, Opera officially announced Aria, an Artificial Intelligence rival to Bing Chat, which after I tried it, Aria can be said to be quite good and able to compete with Bing Chat, Bard and even ChatGPT, the results of the answers are quite good and can be said to be fun for us to use , and of course Aria in the future will be even better because Opera says Aria will learn and develop as time goes by.

Now regarding Aria, after previously only supporting Opera Browser on Desktop and Android, Aria now supports Opera’s gaming browser, namely Opera GX.

According to the official post, now Opera GX users can interact directly with the integrated AI in the browser, but currently Aria is only available if users activate Opera GX early bird.

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"Aria is not your average AI – equipped with Opera’s proprietary Composer architecture, Aria can not only write code, but also taps into the real-time pulse of the internet, providing you with up-to-the-minute results that can answer all of GX users’ questions. With this new feature, Opera GX Early Bird users can now interact directly with a friendly browser AI who has all the latest gaming news and tips right at their fingertips."

Let’s quote a little more about Aria, as we know, in July 2023, Aria officially reached its first 1 million users, which is certainly a very good achievement, especially for Opera, because amidst the onslaught of AI from ChatGPT and Bing Chat, Opera is able to compete with very well in this competition of generative AI technology.

So, have you ever tried Opera’s generative AI? Comment below guys.

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