OneDrive Storage Capacity Often Full? Check This!

Do you work with a number of Microsoft web services such as OneNote? If so and you get a notification that your OneDrive capacity is full, of course that’s quite annoying, because we can’t do anything in OneNote or in other applications that basically require a little free capacity in OneDrive. .

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Well, OneDrive’s capacity being full certainly happens due to several things, starting from automatic backup from your device, especially Windows and Android Samsung, and indeed you store a lot of files on OneDrive so you should upgrade the capacity.

But if by chance you find OneDrive which is suddenly full without any prior notification, you might be able to turn off OneDrive Auto Backup in Windows 10/11, you can check the steps yourself on the following page.

So, as in the picture above, if toggle what I marked is in the On position, then all the files and folders in the number directory above will be automatically added to OneDrive, and usually this is the main cause of OneDrive capacity quickly swelling.

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So please check these settings, guys. Additional? Comment below guys.






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