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One Piece Live Action: 5 Biggest Differences from the Anime

Dimas Galih Putrawan

Sept. 07, 2023


Game News.ID, Bandung – One Piece live action apparently managed to amaze fans both old and new. The series by Tomorrow Studios premiered on August 31, 2023 on Netflix with seasons The first contains eight episodes. Not only fans, critics flocked to give positive comments, especially to the storyline that follows the manga and the acting of the cast.

Seasons first adapting the East Blue Saga, more specifically to the Arlong Park Arc. In comparison, serial live action it reached the Arlong Park Arc in 8 episodes, while the anime series reached arc in 45 episodes. Keep in mind that the anime series is 24 minutes per episode, while serial live action duration is approximately 50-60 minutes.

The producers of course have to shorten the storyline by making various changes so that it is enough for eight episodes, even some familiar elements don’t appear in their original form. live action. This is why there are various differences between series live action and the anime. Here are the biggest differences in One Piece live action from the anime.

Luffy’s meeting with Straw Hat Pirates Crew Members in One Piece Live Action

The biggest noticeable difference in the series live action seen in every scene of friendship between Luffy and his crew members. First, Luffy witnessed a fight between Zoro and Helmeppo at a bar in Shells Town. The meeting between Luffy and Nami was also different, both of them met at Morgan’s place while targeting the map to the same Grand Line.

Same with Usopp and Sanji. Usopp is told that he met Luffy who admired a large ship belonging to Kaya, his friend. That ship would later become the iconic Going Merry. Meanwhile, Sanji first met the Straw Hat Pirates crew (including Luffy) dining at Baratie. Luffy was then forced to work at Baratie because he couldn’t afford to pay.

Some Characters Are Introduced Early

In addition to each member of the Straw Hat Pirates, several other characters are also introduced in different ways, even earlier. Garp is an example of being the biggest concern in One Piece live action. Luffy’s grandfather was present at Roger’s execution and became Koby’s mentor. The meeting and battle between grandfather and grandson is first told at the end of episode 4.

Another biggest example is seen in episode 6. Arlong first appears in that episode and is told to attack Baratie. In the anime, Don Krieg is the pirate figure responsible behind the Baratie attack. However, in live actionIn his case, Don Krieg was shown to have been defeated by Mihawk and never appeared again.

Several characters from the East Blue Saga are absent from One Piece Live Action

Remember seasons 1 from One Piece live action only had eight episodes, Eiichiro Oda replied author ensuring some characters from the anime and manga do not appear. The reason is, One Piece already has so many characters from the East Blue Saga. As a result, bringing out all the characters seems impossible,

Johnny and Yosaku, bounty hunter who previously teamed up with Zoro, absent in live action. The same goes for Jango, a member of the Black Cat Pirates and a hypnotist. Several other characters do not appear in live action among them Mohji, Momoo, Chouchou, and Usopp’s Pirates (three sidekick Usopp is still a child).

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Buggy Circus

Surprisingly, Buggy was one of them villain which gets more portions than anime and manga. In serial live-action, Buggy is told to have a circus with residents of Orange Town as spectators as well as hostages. This scene is actually completely absent from the anime and manga.

The battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and Buggy is also much different. True, the battle is set in Buggy’s circus instead of the streets of Orange Town. Buggy didn’t catch Luffy, Zoro, and Nami at all like in the anime and manga.

Koby Appears More Often

The final biggest difference in One Piece live-action is the number of portions of Koby’s appearance. Since the Syrup Village Arc, Luffy and Koby met again twice, namely at Syrup Village and Cocoyasi Village. While in the anime and manga, the Post-Enies Lobby Arc is a reunion moment for the two.

Those are the five biggest differences in One Piece live action from the anime. Which differences surprised you?

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