[NTAPS] Best PUBG Mobile NOX Settings (No Lag No Slow)

Playing PUBG Mobile on the NOX Emulator can be an alternative if the PC you are using is not capable of playing with the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator (now called Gameloop). NOX can be said to be one of the best lightweight emulators that is suitable for use on PCs with mid-end specs.

NOX supports the smart keymapping feature which allows us to arrange the buttons used when playing according to our wishes. We can also freely tinker with the emulator specs so that we can match the needs of the game being played. Based on my experience, playing PUBG Mobile on the NOX emulator can run smoothly without lag as long as we use the right settings.

On this occasion I will share the settings I use when playing PUBG Mobile with the NOX emulator to make it lighter and less broken. Follow the steps below one by one.

1. Activate VT and increase the virtual memory size

In order to be able to use the emulator on the Windows operating system, we need to activate the Virtualization Technology layer or more often abbreviated as VT on our PC. So first make sure VT on your PC is enabled.

How to check it is very easy, we can do it via the task manager. Right click on the task bar > then select Task Manager > go to the Performance tab > look at the description section > Virtualization.

If the statement is Enabled, it means that VT on the PC is active.

Next, we also need to increase the Virtual Memory capacity to help PC performance become lighter when playing PUBG Mobile using the NOX emulator.

Virtual Memory (VM) is an extension of RAM which is very useful for storing large idle files when a program is running. Especially for playing PUBG Mobile using an emulator, the role of the VM is very important so that the game is lighter and doesn’t break.

How to increase the size of a VM is very easy, I have made a separate guide in this post:

How to Increase Virtual Memory Size in Windows

After increasing the VM size according to the PC specs you have, don’t forget to restart it first, then go to the next settings.

2. NOX emulator settings

Open the NOX emulator then click on the gear button in the top right corner to enter the Settings menu.

General Settings

In this tab there is nothing to change, we just need to make sure to use the latest version of NOX. Press the Update button to update NOX to the latest version.


Go to the Advanced tab, first we change the CPU and RAM allocation given to NOX. In order to play the PUBG Mobile game smoothly, we must at least use high settings (4 CPU cores, 3072 MB RAM).

But if you have more than 4 GB of RAM, for example 8 GB like me, you can increase the RAM size to 4 or 6 GB to make it more stable. You do this by selecting the Custom option, then changing the value to:

4 CPU cores, 4096 MB RAM


4 CPU Cores, 6144 MB RAM

In the resolution section, adjust it to the resolution of the PC monitor or laptop you are using. I use a monitor with a resolution of 1080p so the settings I use are 1920×1080.

Next, go to the Graphics rendering mode section, in this section we have to adjust the settings based on the graphics card (VGA) used.

For AMD VGA users who already support OpenGL+, it is recommended to choose the OpenGL+ setting

For VGA users other than AMD, you can use the DirectX option.

The choice of rendering mode is not standard, you can experiment first to find which one is most suitable for your PC. If using OpenGL+ or OpenGL still feels laggy then you can change to DirectX settings, and vice versa.

I personally use the OpenGL+ setting, the game is lighter and drops rarely occur when compared to the DirectX setting.

For other settings in the Advanced section, just leave the default as in the image above.

Setting Attributes

On the Settings Attributes tab, there is nothing you need to change, you just need to make sure the Enable internet connection option is checked.

Settings Interface

On the settings interface tab, you can change the settings according to your needs and tastes. I myself don’t mess with these settings, I just leave them as default.

Settings Shortcut

These settings can also be left as default or changed to suit your taste.

3. In-game settings

After completing the NOX settings, open the PUBG Mobile game, we will tinker with the settings in the game.


In Graphics settings, I usually use different settings depending on the RAM used (4 GB and 8 GB)

8 GB RAM settings:

  • Graphics: HD
  • Frame Rate: Extreme
  • Style: Classic
  • Anti-aliasing: Disable
  • Brightness: 100%
  • Non-Standard Screens: Normal
  • Auto-adjust graphics: Enable

4 GB RAM settings:

  • Graphics: Balanced
  • Frame Rate: High
  • Style: Classic
  • Anti-aliasing: Disable
  • Brightness: 100%
  • Non-Standard Screens: Normal
  • Auto-adjust graphics: Enable


Sensitivity settings are very influential when playing, especially when aiming. If the settings are too wild then we will have difficulty shooting accurately. So the settings have to be really right, not too wild and not too heavy.

I have experimented by trying many variations of sensitivity settings when playing PUBG Mobile on NOX, in the end the settings below are the ones that I feel are the best. You can try it, if you feel something isn’t quite right, just change it a little.

4. Optimize PC performance

The final step we have to do to be able to play PUBG Mobile smoothly without lag or stuttering on NOX is to make sure the PC or laptop we are using is in OK condition.

The following tips might help:

How to smoothen heavy games on PC

Also use a PC cleaner application to clean junk files that are burdensome to the system. If necessary, use a game booster to help reduce resource usage by non-essential applications while playing PUBG Mobile.






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