New Law in China Places Strict Ban on Cosplay Activities

Some time ago, news spread in China about the enactment of a new law from the Public Security Administration Punishment Law, and how this really has a big impact on those who have a profession and hobby as cosplayers. More specifically, the law was enacted as an effort to follow up on cosplay activities which are felt to have damaged the spirit of Chinese nationalism.

Through reports from Wanuxi, Currently the new law that is trying to be implemented is in the stage of further observation, but what is clear is that there are two new provisions that are quite important to pay attention to in Article 34.

  • Wearing costumes, or symbols, or forcing others to wear them in public places damages the soul and feelings of nationalism of the Chinese nation.
  • Engaging in activities that damage the environment and atmosphere while commemorating heroes and martyrs in public places.

This news certainly sparked big discussions in many Chinese forums, as to how such a first provision was clearly targeted at those who do cosplay. Regardless of the pure intention to dress up as a favorite character, this law clearly will not see it as something that can be left alone. Some parties could only give up, there were also those who supported it, but not a few also expressed their disappointment and worry about the impact when participating in various pop culture events in their country.

In addition, there is recognition from many cosplayers in China that recently they have been criticized for dressing up as characters that look Japanese or western at ACG events. Even though this is considered normal, many parties cannot accept this, especially the laity and those who uphold a sense of nationalism. Apart from that, it should also be remembered that last year various Natsumatsuri celebrations in China ended up being canceled after receiving many protests, especially those held in Nanjing and how many residents were reluctant to have events with Japanese nuances in their area.

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