New Game Illusion – HoneyCome Released on Steam, Sold 500 Thousand Rupiah

Illusion is a developer that is famous for making high-quality anime-style “naughty” games. Even so, they went bankrupt because too many people pirated the games they made. They changed the new name to ILLGAMES and the first game was HoneyCome which was officially sold on Steam globally.

ILLGAMES has officially released the global version of HoneyCome, aka the English version on PC via Steam. If you are interested in proposing, gamers can buy it for $10 IDR 500 thousand.

HoneyCome itself will allow players to fantasize, aka “halu” to get the ideal “partner” according to their dreams. With a variety of very detailed customizations, the players will really be spoiled, complete with quite fantastic 3D graphic quality with smooth animations.

For those of you who haven’t been following the news, Illusion has officially closed its studio and changed its name to ILLGAMES. Although they did not directly give reasons, many could guess that they might be having difficulties in maintaining the cycle of revenues and allocations for new project development. The most impactful is due to rampant piracy.

Therefore, it is actually not surprising that they sell HoneyCome at a fairly expensive price without regional prices on Steam. So, if you are a big fan of games made by “Illusion” and don’t want them to go bankrupt again, don’t pirate their games.

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