Naughty Starfield Mods Have Started Spreading on the Internet

Bethesda is back with their ambitious RPG called Starfield. As predicted, their game was a huge success on the market. This can be seen from Starfield’s achievements since it first opened Early Access at the beginning of last September.

In fact, in just a short period of time, Starfield has reached 6 million players after being publicly released 2 days. In fact, this achievement is a new record for a game made by Bethesda, which is their biggest launch.

Starfield naughty mods are starting to appear!

Starfield Mod

Until now, the internet is still abuzz with Starfield. This space game has become a hot topic of conversation among fans. However, there is one news that fans have been waiting for, especially PC users.

That’s right, the news is, have naughty Mods started appearing in Starfield? The answer is already. That’s right, you can now find various naughty mods for the game. This was discovered through a post on the Reddit forum.

It is known that currently there are several naughty or naked mods for Starfield that players can download. Of course, this naughty naked mod is only the beginning, because in the future many mods will appear that have adult elements.

Currently, strange and unique mods have also appeared for this game. Starting from Carl Johnson and others. Starfield can now be played on Xbox Series and PC via Steam. Also available to Game Pass subscribers.

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