Must Know! 10 IQ Test and Brain Teaser Applications to Train Your Brain

In this modern era, the application of an IQ test has become one of the early tools used to measure a person’s cognitive ability. Sharp thinking, problem solving, and adaptability are the key elements that are measured through the IQ test. However, with the wide selection of apps available, finding the best IQ test app can be a challenging task.

On this occasion, we will help you to discover some of the best IQ test applications available today, with the aim of providing clear guidance and accurate information to help you choose a tool that suits your needs. So, let’s dive deeper into this interesting IQ test app.

10 Best IQ Test Applications For You

Here we summarize 10 IQ test applications along with their download links so you can immediately install them and enjoy the features provided. Listen until the end, okay?

1. IQ test by Aliaksandr Uvarau


The first application recommendation that we share is called IQ test. This application invites you to explore the potential of your own brain with the aim of assessing your level of intelligence.

Maybe you are interested in measuring yourself? This intelligence level test, or what is known as an IQ test, can help you to expand your knowledge or determine the extent of your ability to answer various kinds of questions. It’s time to reflect and measure your level of intelligence.

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Try this IQ Test app now and find out how far your intelligence has progressed! For your information, the average human IQ level is 100. If you score higher than that, you can be considered a genius. However, if the score is less than that, you may need to allocate more time to reading books and try our IQ test again.

Application Name IQ test
Size 4 MB
Download Here Downloads

2. IQ tests and psychological tests


This IQ Test and Psychotest application is specially designed to test your IQ and your logic skills and knowledge. As we know, the IQ test is a very useful tool for honing your logical thinking skills. You can measure your IQ level and see the results easily after you take the test in this application.

Apart from the IQ test, this application provides various types of psychological test questions, such as the Number Series Test, Letter Series Test, Word Similarity Test, Opposite Word Test, Verbal Analogy Test, and other types of tests that will continue to be added.

This IQ Test and Psychological Test application is very useful for training you in answering various types of questions, including preparation for exams such as the SD UN, SMP UNBK, SMA UNBK, and various other exams.

Application Name IQ Test and Psychotest
Size 3MB
Download Here Downloads

3. IQ & Personality Test


The “IQ & Personality Test” application on Android devices is designed to test your personality characteristics, traits and intelligence level (IQ). This application is very useful for those who want to take various types of tests in various institutions and companies, and want to understand the extent of their suitability for work and daily life.

This application includes various types of tests, such as CPNS CAT simulations, National Police Tests, Psychological Tests, Academic Potential Tests, Psychological Tests, Mathematics Tests, Accuracy Tests, Logic Tests, Analysis Tests, Left Brain Tests, Memory Tests, Strategy Tests, Ability Tests General and Basic, sudoku games, calculating speed tests, left and right brain tests with word recognition based on color, as well as brain duels and brain teasers.

Keep in mind that individual answers on these tests are not the only determinant of the final result. The final result is obtained based on a number of questions that you have answered. Regarding the IQ Test, it is recommended to only run it once.

Application Name IQ & Personality Test
Size 8MB
Download Here Downloads

4. IQ test by Digerati.CZ


This IQ test is based on Raven’s progressive matrices, named after its creator, John C. Raven, in 1936. It is a multiple-choice test that is considered “culturally fair,” aimed at measuring your innate intelligence (Gf) – that is, your abilities. in reasoning and problem solving. This innate intelligence is a core component of (g) – which is your general intelligence.

In this test, your ability to understand complex patterns and your ability to store and retrieve information is tested. This test provides an overview of your ability to observe, solve problems, and your learning process.

However, it is important to note that this test can only measure a small part of a person’s intellectual ability. Therefore, the results of this test can only be considered an estimate and cannot be used to make valid conclusions about a person’s level of intelligence.

Application Name IQ test
Size 10MB
Download Here Downloads

5. Brain Out: Make Big Guesses


Brain Out App: Big Guesses is a brain teaser that offers completely unexpected answers. This challenging game is not only entertaining, but also sharpens your imagination. It is the perfect combination of IQ test, intelligence and wisdom.

If you want to make it through these stages of the game, you have to be prepared to break conventional rules. Here, there are no impossible answers, only answers that may never have crossed your mind. Each stage is so weird and unique, it’s sure to keep you entertained!

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The stages of the game are very exciting and exciting. They are able to hold your attention and make you laugh constantly. Use your creativity and intelligence to answer the questions. Engage in unconventional thinking. All of these will bring you an excellent gaming experience. Will you be able to make it through each stage?

Application Name Brain Out: Guess the Big Guess
Size 119MB
Download Here Downloads

6. Kids IQ Test


Even though the title of this application is for children, this brain teaser application will help you sharpen your brain even though you are an adult. This app can improve your memory with IQ puzzles, mind-boggling logic challenges, concentration exercises, and the ability to perform multiple tasks at once. Apart from that, you can also improve your decision-making skills through games like Quick Search and Dot games.

By completing brain tests and answering questions in this app, you can not only have fun, but also improve your cognitive abilities. Become an expert at solving puzzles and taking on the challenges that come your way. You will be ready for an extraordinary thinking experience when you play this brain teaser app. Don’t worry, this application is suitable for all ages.

Application Name Kids IQ Test
Size 16MB
Download Here Downloads

7. Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?


Tricky Test 2 is one of the most entertaining IQ games that you can enjoy with your friends. Get ready to take the quiz and find out if you have an extraordinary brain or not!

Tricky Test 2 is a puzzle game that offers a series of tricky brain teasers and unexpected solutions – the goal is not to get stuck (so far, over 6 million players have gotten stuck!). Are you smart enough to beat the IQ of your friends? Take this smart test now if you feel like a genius!

Each brain teaser in this game is unique in its own way and will push your creativity to the highest limits. If you can complete 111 trivia quizzes in 120 minutes, you will be considered a genius!

Application Name Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?
Size 48MB
Download Here Downloads

8. Brain Training


This Brain Training App is specially designed to accelerate the development of short-term memory skills, increase your level of concentration, focus, speed and accuracy of thinking. There are 20 different types of brain training games.

This app also features the best brain training games that are not only entertaining, but also put your thinking skills to the test. Through these games, you will find challenges that are addicting and stimulate different areas of your brain. Thus, this app will help you effectively test and train different parts of your brain.

Application Name Brain Training
Size 28MB
Download Here Downloads

9. Brain Games


Game “Brain Teaser” is a puzzle game designed to test your level of intelligence and knowledge. Even though the game is very simple, this game can be enjoyed by all groups, both children and adults. This game has the added benefit of broadening our horizons and knowledge.

In the early stages of the game, the questions asked will feel quite easy, because they relate to things that we often encounter in everyday life. However, as the game progresses and levels increase, the questions will become more difficult, because they may be related

Application Name Brain Teaser Game
Size 4 MB
Download Here Downloads

10. Reflex: Brain Training


Reflex is a brain training program designed to keep your brain healthy and efficient. This program is specially made to improve your problem-solving skills, math and concentration level while you enjoy fun games.

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This app features a variety of video games designed to exercise your brain, including puzzles and exercises related to various aspects of the mind. You will be challenged to improve your decision-making, focus and concentration skills, as well as increase speed in information processing, reaction time, logical thinking, peripheral vision and stress resistance. All of this you can do while having fun and at the same time improve your mental agility and performance.

Application Name Reflex: brain training
Size 11MB
Download Here Downloads

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