Musicallydown vs Other Alternatives: Which is Better?

Hi, Techno Friends! Are you familiar with TikTok? But have you ever felt annoyed by the watermark that always appears when you save a TikTok video? So, for those of you who are confused about how to solve it, let’s take a look at our review of Musicallydown! This is almost the same as SSStiktok which we discussed some time ago.

Why Should Musicallydown?

Musicallydown deserves to be the mainstay solution for all Tekno friends. “Why, why?” Maybe that’s the question that comes to your mind. Before answering that, let’s remember one fact: TikTok is already quite good at providing a video download feature. However, there is one problem: watermarks which often interfere with the appearance and aesthetics of the video.

Watermarks are one of the most annoying things for content creators or anyone who wants to export TikTok videos for various other purposes, from uploading on other platforms to presentation materials. Musicallydown provides the option to remove the watermark, so that the videos you save are ‘clean’ and professional.

One of the concerns when using third-party sites is the decline in video quality. But, with Musicallydown, the quality of the downloaded videos is maintained. There’s even an HD resolution option for sharper, clearer content!

There may be some of you who are worried about security issues when using external sites. Well, Musicallydown is quite popular and widely used, you know. So, regarding security, you could say it is quite guaranteed.

Tekno friends, at Musicallydown, you can’t just download ordinary videos. Here, there is an option to save the video in MP3 format as well. So, if you like the music or sound from a TikTok video, you can download it directly in audio format.

The Latest Updates Are Even More Interesting

Come on, let’s talk more about one of the newest features of Musicallydown which makes this site even more extraordinary. It’s not just ordinary videos that you can download, but also slideshows and stories from TikTok, and it’s all in HD quality!

Usually, Tekno Friends can only download normal TikTok videos, right? So, with this update, you can be even more creative. For example, do you want to make a compilation of slides or stories to save as memories or even for your content needs? Musicallydown can help you make it happen!

HD Quality

Don’t underestimate this HD quality, guys! For those of you who like details, this quality is certainly a must. Today’s smartphone cameras are really good, so it would be a shame if the download results were broken or blurry. HD here guarantees that what you see on TikTok will be exactly the same as what you saved.

This update not only shows that Musicallydown is cool, but also that they listen to what their users want. The service understands the need for diversity and quality, and then brings new features that meet those expectations.

Is This New Feature Free?

Well, this is also important, right? The good news is, all these new features are included in Musicallydown’s free service. So, you don’t need to worry about additional costs appearing later.

TikTok and Watermarks

Ahoy, Techno Friends! TikTok has indeed become ‘king’ in the world of social media, yes. Who doesn’t know an application that allows us to do many things, from dancing, lip syncing, to watching cooking tutorials? But, as much fun as TikTok is, there is one thing that sometimes makes us a bit annoyed: the watermark, bro!

Just imagine, bro. You’re having fun scrolling and finding super cool videos. The effects are right, the music is delicious, and you can’t resist downloading it. But… when it was stored in the gallery, there was actually a kind of ‘sticker’ which was quite disturbing to look at. This TikTok watermark can be a ‘party pooper’ which makes the impression of the video a little less.

For content creators or anyone who wants to use TikTok videos for other needs, this watermark can be a serious problem. Whether you want to use it for Instagram posts, as presentation material, or even just for your own enjoyment, watermarks can be an aesthetic ‘stumbling block’.

But remember, Tiktok also offers watermarks for a reason, namely protecting the copyright of the video creator, so you also can’t just use other people’s content. So if you want to use that person’s content, at least get permission first!

So, if you have a new permit, you can download using Musicallydown. With various advanced features and the latest updates, this site deserves to be the main choice for those of you who don’t want the hassle but want maximum results.

But basically you can’t just download other people’s content!

Wow features from Musicallydown

Hey, friend, if you think Musicallydown is only good at removing watermarks, you are very wrong! This site offers much more than that. With various features that make you happy, it’s no surprise that this site is a favorite. Immediately, come on, check out the features!

Free and Unlimited

You can download as many TikToks as you like without charge. Seriously guys, it’s 100% free! No need to worry about your wallet drying out because you wasted your quota.

Various Formats

It turns out that MP4 HD is just the tip of the iceberg. At Musicallydown, you can also download in MP3 format. Really cool for those of you who like collecting soundtracks or backsounds from your favorite TikTok videos.


Are you team Android, team iOS, or even team PC? Relax, Musicallydown apk doesn’t discriminate. This site can be accessed on all platforms. So, you can download TikTok videos wherever and whenever you want!

Steady Speed

The download process at Musicallydown is really fast, it won’t make you wait long. With this speed, you can download lots of videos in a short time. Not only save time, but also save energy!


The UI is designed for everyone, from the technologically ignorant to the geeks. With an interface that is easy to understand, the download process is complete

it’s not complicated. Just copy-paste the video link, select the format, and click download. Voila, your video is ready to be enjoyed!

New update

Don’t forget, there’s a cool update from July 22, 2023! Now, Musicallydown doesn’t just let you download regular videos. You can also save slideshows and stories from TikTok, and they are all in HD quality! This adds an ‘arsenal’ for those of you who like to be creative with TikTok content.

Musicallydown is truly a complete package for your TikTok download needs. From user-friendly features, great download speeds, to a variety of format choices, this site doesn’t play around in providing the best service. So, it’s not surprising that this site is the choice of many people.

How to use Musicallydown

Friends, if you can’t wait to try all the Musicallydown features that we discussed earlier, just go straight to this short guide! Seriously, bro, this is really easy, get ready, you’re guaranteed to automatically fall in love!

Step 1: From TikTok to Your Favorite Videos!

First of all, open the TikTok application or website. Take a moment to scroll and look for videos that make you laugh, be moved, or even be inspired. Meet? Excellent!

Step 2: Sharing Is Caring

So, did you find your favorite video? Next, click the ‘share’ icon in the bottom right corner of the video. This icon usually takes the form of a curved arrow, so you won’t get lost!

Step 3: Copy the URL, Guys!

Once you click on the share icon, various options will appear. Just swipe around until you find point 3. Click on it! Select “Copy URL” and voila, you have successfully retrieved the URL.

Step 4: Move Headquarters to Musicallydown

Open the Musicallydown website in your favorite browser. There you will see a column for pasting the URL. Well, do that! Paste the URL that you copied earlier, then click ‘download’.

Step 5: Download process

After you click ‘download’, just wait for the process. There will be a status bar showing the download process. Once finished, the video goes straight to your gallery or download folder. And tadaaa… your favorite TikTok videos are now free from annoying watermarks!

Alternative application to download TikTok videos

Who doesn’t like alternatives? Sometimes we need other options besides Musicallydown for various reasons, such as additional features or a more suitable interface. So, here is a deeper review of the alternatives that we have mentioned. Prepare yourself, friends, because this is going to be fun!

1. TikTok Downloader No Watermark: A Great Specialty!

🌟 Accurately removes watermarks.
🌟 Fast download no login required.
⚠️ Only focus on TikTok, so it’s not multifunctional.

This application is really specific for TikTok, friend! So if you want something to-the-point, this is the answer. Removing watermarks is also done accurately, you know!
👉 TikTok Downloader No Watermark

2. Tmate: All-In-One, Multitasker Buddy!

🌟 Multifunctional: TikTok, YouTube, etc.
🌟 A batch download feature is available.
⚠️ Maybe there are too many features for those who want it simple.

Tmate is suitable for those of you who like to download from multiple platforms. The features are complete and can adapt to many needs.
👉 Tmate

3. Video Downloader for TikTok: Simple but Powerful!

🌟 Easy and intuitive interface.
🌟 The download process is fast and stable.
⚠️ No extra features, just focus on TikTok.

Here it is, friend, for those who don’t like complicated! This application gets straight to the point and there are no frills that make you dizzy.
👉 Video Downloader for TikTok

4. Snaptic: The People’s Champ!

🌟 Two versions to meet different needs.
🌟 Very user-friendly, suitable for all ages.
⚠️ Because it is popular, sometimes the server is a bit slow.

Snaptik is popular not without reason, friend. With two versions available, you can choose the one that suits you best.
👉 Snaptik

Yup, all the options above have their advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on your tastes and needs, friend! Good luck and good luck finding the one that works best!


So, friend, after we discussed at length starting from Musicallydown to various other alternatives, now you understand why it’s important to have lots of options for downloading TikTok videos without a watermark?

Musicallydown is really cool with all its latest features and updates, but of course we can’t ignore the presence of other alternatives that are no less cool. From TikTok Downloader No Watermark which focuses on one specialty, to Tmate which is multifunctional, all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What is clear, there is no harm in trying one or even all of the options we have discussed. Because in this digital world, diverse choices are a luxury that we can enjoy.

Whether you want it to be fast, easy, or complete with features, the decision is yours, friend! Now, let’s try and experience for yourself the benefits of each application or site that we have reviewed. Enjoy the world of TikTok without annoying watermarks!

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