Moonton Presents Big Changes in the Second Phase of the Next MLBB Project

News– Moonton is again presenting major changes in Project Next 2023 which is entering its second phase. This is an annual campaign with the biggest updates for the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

As is known, Project NEXT 2023 has started on June 10 2023, and has brought many interesting changes. Some of them, starting from revamp heroes, revamp skins, revamp maps, rank updates, to revamp emblems.

“At PROJECT NEXT September, there are 5 top heroes from Eruditio who will get a revamp that changes them into a new look, namely Lolita, Layla, X-Borg, Bruno, and Johnson. “In fact, the classic hero Miya also gets a touch that will amaze the players,” wrote Moonton in a statement received by Gizmologi, Sunday (10/9/2023).

Apart from giving a new look to a number of featured heroes in MLBB. Moontoon also made changes to the main interface (UI), which is now completely Eruditio themed.

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In the main UI, later the heroes will be displayed alternately and players can interact with the heroes to trigger unique responses. The new design not only brings a more modern look, but also allows players to connect more with the world of MLBB.

Moonton has also made significant optimizations to RAM usage and game storage, so that players can experience better and smoother performance when playing. Apart from that, mobile devices with RAM under 64GB will get the Resource Sorting System feature in the Settings menu to reduce the game size.

Second phase of Project Next 2023 MLBB

Improved MLBB performance in the second phase of Project Next

Along with PROJECT NEXT Phase Two, Moonton invites players to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This MLBB birthday will fall next October, where players will get various benefits and free gifts, including priceless exclusive skins, to a large-scale offline event in Jakarta.

“Not to forget, for players who like competition, the new season will start on September 23,” wrote Moonton.

How about Gizmo friends, season 29 of MLBB this time will of course bring challenges and give players a number of attractive prizes. Yes, don’t be shy, Kuy!






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