Microsoft Edge Gets New Split Screen Look!

Microsoft previously introduced the Split Screen feature in Microsoft Edge Chromium 110, where this feature is quite useful, especially if you are a user with a wide screen size, you can open two tabs in the same window, and if your screen size is wider, You can open several windows to add more and more varied views.

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Regarding this feature, recently there was one screenshots which leaker @Leopeva64 shared on X (formerly Twitter), where in screenshots it shows the display vertical from split screen in Microsoft Edge Canary.

As in demo done above, it appears that Microsoft Edge Canary 119 has the option Vertical View on Split Screen, which will display a display that is certainly different from usual.

This option will certainly be interesting for users who are used to rotating their monitor 90′ to get a portrait view because that’s how it looks split screen it will still be comfortable to see and use in a wider area.

And just like split screen normal, on option vertical this, we can still do many things like Set the website screen size which opens in split screen and navigate quickly by drag n drop between screen sections.

So do you like this change? In my opinion, this feature is quite good too, especially if we are used to using this feature and happen to have monitors which we set to be portraits.

What do you think? Comment below guys.

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