Microsoft Announces End of Service for Third-Party Printer Drivers in Windows Update

Recently Microsoft has published a new document detailing it end of services from printer drivers third parties in Windows, where by ending this service, manufacturer-made drivers will no longer be included in Windows updates.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, this change eliminates the need for printer manufacturers to provide installers and drivers while still offering printing customization to customers through the Microsoft Store app.

Microsoft also understands that the end of the v3 and v4 printer driver services is a major change that will impact many customers. Therefore, Microsoft will process this change for “several years”. Following is the timeline.

Timeline plan
September 2023 Announce legacy third-party printer driver for Windows end of servicing plan.
2025 No new printer drivers will be published to Windows Update.

Existing printer drivers on Windows Update can still be updated.

2026 Printer driver ranking order modified to always prefer Windows IPP inbox class driver.
2027 Except for security-related fixes, third-party printer driver updates will no longer be allowed.

Existing third-party printer drivers can be installed from Windows Update or users can install printer drivers using printer manufacturers installer programs.

Meanwhile, Microsoft added that manufacturers may continue to provide customers with “alternative ways” to download printer drivers from official sites or third-party sites, and additionally Microsoft said it has no plans to prevent users from using separate installation packages or removing features from the v3 printer driver and existing v4.

Now regarding this announcement, you can read the complete information at following pageincluding FAQs and other important information.

However, in general, if you are a printer user and more often download and use drivers that you get directly from the printer manufacturer’s official website, then this doesn’t have much of an impact.






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