Metal Slug: Awakening, a Legendary Game that Makes You Nostalgic

After long rumors, finally fans Metal Slug can breathe a sigh of relief because games Their favorite was officially released on August 19.
Games it was an instant huge success, taking first place in the category match in Playstore in the first week of release, shifting Mobile Legends which in fact became games best-selling in Indonesia.

The strong fanbase of the players games originally made
Metal Slug: Awakening immediately got a lot of players. Plus, there are many features promised by the developer before its release games Many people are increasingly interested in this, one of which is me.

I’m quite satisfied with how it works Tencent And SnK mix
Metal Slug: Awakening This. They know that there are many fans
Metal Slug there are those out there who want it
gameplay the main thing has not been changed, and it is absolutely adhered to. Style side scrolling style games The old school is still maintained, with many new elements added to it
gameplayit feels more interesting to play nowadays.

The main thing is, Metal Slug: Awakening not trying to mess with the characteristics of Metal Slug games. Tencent And SnK only improves the quality of the graphics and features, while presenting various new game modes to make the players feel at home for a long time in the game.

Marco Rossi as the main character is still retained in
games This. This time he was in Egypt to free the people of Kemut from the shackles of their ancient gods who had dominated the area.

What’s interesting is that in between the stories there will be special levels for
Flash back to inside story Metal Slug games previously released, feels I’ll feel really nostalgic, I’ll immediately remember when I used to play it often games this is in
PS 1.

And as I said earlier, games It has many new features which will certainly make you even more interested in playing it. So that you are no longer curious, just take a look at the review of the various features below:


1. Has many game modes

So that the players don’t get bored, Tencent It turns out that it really offers lots of game modes games This. There is carnival mode, arena, hot ambition, and many other modes that you can access.

These various modes also have attractive prizes, starting from
gold, diamond, pickaxe create gacha, and much more. In essence, the more modes you access, the more prizes you can get.

Because games This on linethen of course there is fashion
multiplayer where you can play with friends to beat difficult levels and bosses together.

The many modes provided make it very easy for you to do it
grinding. To limit this, Tencent implementing energy systems in games This is to limit gaps which is far between
player long with player new.

So, no matter how hard you play, if your energy runs out you won’t be able to grinding Again, you have to refill it first diamonds or have to wait until the energy is full again.

There are positive and negative factors, but I agree with what is implemented by Tencentbecause if you don’t limit your energy use, para
player It’s been a long time since I installed it games This will be from the start of the release power much higher character when compared to para player newly installed.

2. Various new weapons and characters

To create internal tactical elements Metal Slug: Awakening it’s more varied, Tencent provides many types of weapons and new characters complete with their own unique abilities and skills.

You can adjust it yourself gameplay you with the available characters and vehicles. If you like playing barbarians, just use a character that suits you shotgunif you want to use it heroes For thick ones, just use characters healing skillsyou guys really like it.

Oh yes, each weapon and character also has its own medal or level, the concept is like that skin tags in
Mobile Legends, There is basic, epic, until legendary. The higher the level, the stronger it is power-his.

3. Club

Club features or clan it has become a normal thing in a online game. This feature is also included in
Metal Slug: Awakeningit’s just an inside club feature games this feels more complex and varied.

There is a new game mode in the club called “Abyss Crack” that is very addictive for me. In this mode you can control various existing areas to get resources or loot.

Not only that, you can also work together with other members to get a bigger and wider area. The concept is like world war, playing alliances like that.

Every contribution you make to the club will be paid with a special currency that you can only spend in the club shop. So, the more active you are in the club, the more payment you will get.

4. Events galore

As a games new, I was quite surprised by the number
events who were present at Metal Slug: Awakening This. You as player just received a very lively welcome with many
events existing, starting from events daily login,
events finish quests, events get new characters, and much more events other.

Lots of it events Those present seemed to indicate how serious the developers were in developing games This. Even now
events The new arrivals are still quite varied, and I hope that in the future it will stay like this so that players don’t get bored easily.

5. 1 Vs 1 Main Arena

You need to know that games it has a system
Ability Power (AP) for each character to show how strong you are compared to player other. This system is classified pay to win, because player it will be easier for the sultan to raise power them when compared with para
player free.

However, games It also has its own solution to the problem
AP the. Of the many game modes available, there is one mode called “Main Battle” where you can fight 1 vs 1 with
player others fairly.

What do you mean by fair here?

In this main battle mode, your character and weapons will be balanced player opponent, there will be no increase in effects or other special abilities. Which means that in this mode you only have skills and strategy to win each match, that’s why it’s called fair mode.


With the many features presented, it is natural that games This requires quite high specifications to run it. Minimum specifications for playing Metal Slug: Awakening these include the following:

Memory: 6 GB free.


Android: Android 4.4 and above.



  1. Still maintains the gameplay of the original game.
  2. Weapons and characters are relatively easy to get.
  3. Gameplay is short, no more than 5 minutes per level.
  4. Have many game modes.


  1. Classified as a heavy game, please don’t force potato cellphones to play this game.

  2. Pay to win, although not too impactful because there is a fair game mode.

  3. The game is quite monotonous to play for a long time, especially if there are no new modes released in the future.



From my length above, I can conclude that
Metal Slug: Awakening I really recommend this for you to play, especially for you fans of Metal Slug games which is old school because games it has a lot of nostalgic moments in it.

The many interesting features are also another factor why games this is very worth it for you to try. I hope the developer is able to develop it games This is to a better level so that there will be more in the future player new ones who are interested in playing
Metal Slug: Awakening.

For those of you who have played it, please just write your opinion about it games this is in the comments column.

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