Mekari Research: 62 Percent of Businesses in Indonesia are Starting to Adopt AI

News– Mekari, a company that provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) services, said that 62 percent of businesses in Indonesia are starting to adopt byatan intelligence or AI in their operations. This reflects that companies in Indonesia are aggressively carrying out digital transformation by adopting the latest technology in the future.

According to Mekari CEO Suwandi Soh, based on his latest report entitled “Artificial Intelligence Adoption Readiness of Businesses in Indonesia” in the first quarter of 2023. AI technology is expected to bring significant benefits, such as automation of business processes and increased productivity.

“AI technology will revolutionize the way companies operate by delivering a range of benefits, from automation to increased productivity. “Companies of all sizes, from MSMEs to large ones, must prepare themselves, both in terms of infrastructure and human resources (HR), to utilize AI for business progress amidst the industrial revolution 4.0,” said Suwandi in his statement, Sunday (10/9 /2023).

In this research, it was explained that a company’s readiness to adopt AI technology can be measured from three levels of current technology implementation. At the first or basic level, companies have utilized at least one type of digital solution to increase productivity in one of the main business processes or activities.

The result is that 95 percent of medium and large businesses in Jabodetabek, Bandung and Surabaya are at this level. Meanwhile, at the second level, companies not only use, but also integrate AI into various digital solutions, especially in operational activities to drive overall business efficiency.

“Of all the companies that have implemented and integrated various digital solutions at the second level, as many as 62 percent were able to move forward to this top level,” he said.

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Business Potential in Indonesia that is Starting to Adopt AI

In fact, according to Suwandi, there is a 1.4 times increase in profit performance for companies that have achieved this ecosystem development compared to businesses that use solutions without integration. This is possible when all business activities or processes, from human resources (HR) management to customer service, have implemented AI.

However, the challenges faced by companies in Indonesia in adopting AI must also be considered. In this case, it is important for companies to determine priority areas for using AI, prepare the necessary technology resources, and partner with technology providers experienced in digital transformation.

“Companies at the third level have the greatest potential to adopt AI that will run on top of their technology ecosystem. “They can be an inspiration for other companies to increase the use of technology, especially AI, in order to achieve high business growth,” he explained.

Mekari itself has launched Mekari Airene, an AI-based business solution that makes work easier with its ability to sharpen communication and analyze data. In an increasingly connected and automated era, businesses in Indonesia are expected to be able to utilize AI to increase their competitiveness.

The challenges in adopting AI technology are a reality, but with careful preparation, businesses in Indonesia have a great opportunity to gain the significant benefits offered by this technology in facing an increasingly digital future.






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