Making Traders and Sellers Both Happy, Lazada Enforces Strict Regulations for LazMall

Jakarta, Gizmology – Unlike marketplaces which allow anyone to sell on its platform, LazMall actually has its own regulations which mean that not all brands or distributors can open shops on it.

Yes, this is as expressed by Lia Kurtz, Category Director, LazMall FMCG LAzada Indonesia, who said that LazMall is very different from ordinary marketplaces. There are separate regulations that are fairly strict, in which buyers can get authentic goods whose quality is guaranteed.

“Because at LazMall there is a guarantee that the goods sold are authentic, the seller or brand or distributor appointed must have HKI (Intellectual Property Rights). We also check the goods sold, they must be truly authentic. “The regulations are that strict for a shopping experience that makes buyers 100% happy,” he said at a press conference held in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/9/2023).

In addition to guaranteed product quality, LazMall also guarantees fast delivery according to the time the buyer chooses. In fact, if you pass the allotted time there will be separate compensation.

“Overall, we present excellent features for buyers and sellers,” he concluded. It’s not surprising that since it was first launched in 2018, there are currently around 32,000 sellers on LazMall.

On the seller’s side, Wilson Limandibrata, Head of Ecommerce WINGS Group, said that he was a little sorry for being late in joining LazMall. According to him, the features presented by Lazada make it very easy for him to provide excellent service to buyers.

“We joined in 2019, at that time it was only for baby diaper products. “It turned out that the market was very large, so over the next 6 months we gradually introduced other products,” said Wilson.

Wilson said that LazMall was able to meet the company’s expectations in providing the best service to consumers. Especially in terms of very fast delivery of goods.

“Here there are discount features that only exist in Lazada, not elsewhere. Very supportive of us as a brand, so we can develop a better business because consumers are happier,” he concluded.

Ratna Purwaningrum, eCommerce Manager of PT Eka Jaya Internasional, who once owned the beauty brand Hanasui, stated a similar thing. As a brand that was just established in 2016, the LazMall and LazBeauty features in Lazada can really help it grow.

“The exposure that LazMall gave was extraordinary and very useful in building brand awareness, exposure and digital campaigns. There are many features that can be utilized for growth,” he explained.

Massive Sale 9.9 at LazMall

In pampering consumers, Lazada is presenting the 9.9 Mega Brand Sale on 9-13 September 2023 which consists of various interesting programs and promotions, such as surprise bonuses which can be collected from 1-13 September to be used as direct discounts, discount promos of up to 50 %, up to direct prizes and free shipping promos. Even for LazBeauty members, there are several exclusive lauches from well-known brands such as Jo Malone, Kate Spade perfume, and Lancome perfume.

During this promotional period, both WINGS Groip and Hanasui presented fairly exclusive promos. The WINGS Group even mobilized 3 of its stores in LazMall to enliven it.

“We will have a crazy flash sale, where discounts are up to 90% and there are other promos,” said Wilson.

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While Hanasui is also no less in presenting promo programs that can tempt skincare and cosmetic users.

“We will have a crazy flash sale of IDR 1 for one product. Apart from that, the price is IDR 100,000 to get 4 products at once,” he concluded.






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