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Bukit Moko Bandung or Moko Hill is an interesting destination to visit lists when you want to enjoy the view of Bandung city from the top of the hill. This hill is a cool and amazing natural tourist attraction in Bandung.

If you are someone who really likes nature and is not afraid of heights, then it is highly recommended to come to Moko Hill. The tourist attractions are very cool, calming, and of course there are lots of exciting activities for you to enjoy when you come here, what are they?

Address Bukit Moko Bandung

The address of Bukit Moko itself is in Cimenyan village, Bandung, West Java. This tour is suitable for visiting with a partner who both likes nature because you can camp on a hill.

If you are doing a solo trip from outside the city, you can start the journey from Cicaheum station. Yes, from Bandung, you can go to Cicaheum station by city transportation.

From this station, you can order online motorbike taxi transportation such as Gojek or Grab which can take you to your destination. If you don’t take an online motorbike taxi, aka a regular motorbike taxi, then they will charge a high price.

You need to negotiate first to confirm the price before using regular motorbike taxi services. Meanwhile, if you use your own vehicle, you can also start your journey by heading to the Cicaheum station area.

From Cicaheum station, take the road towards Jl Padasuka until it stops. Then, you will pass popular tourist attractions in Bandung such as Saung Angklung Udjo. From this tour, you can go straight until you meet a big banyan tree.

If you have passed the big banyan tree, it means you have arrived at the tourist attraction in Caringin Tilu Bandung. Well, Moko Hill itself is the highest hill peak in the Caringin Tilu area.

Moko Hill Entrance Ticket Price

Moko Hill is a tourist attraction that has been discussed a lot by tourists because it is known for its exciting views from the top of the hill. The height of Moko Hill itself reaches 1500 meters above sea level so it is still considered safe to climb for beginners.

Previously, you would be charged an entrance ticket to Moko Hill Bandung first when you arrived at Caringin Tilu. Actually there is another way to reach Moko Hill without having to pay an entrance ticket, but it is not recommended because the road conditions are more difficult to pass than Jalan Padasuka.

The entrance ticket price for Moko Hill itself is IDR 15,000. If you want to include meals, you can buy a ticket for IDR 30,000 which is included in the price of the entrance ticket and meal package at Moko Hill.

Apart from the entrance ticket price, you also need to pay parking fees, especially if you bring your own private vehicle. For those bringing motorbikes, a fee of only IDR 2,000 will be charged. Meanwhile, those who bring a car need to pay IDR 5,000 for parking.

Moko Hill Opening Hours

For those of you who really want to visit this hilly tourist attraction, come anytime. Moko Hill tourism itself is open 24 hours every day. You can watch the beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset from the top of the beautiful hills.

It’s just that there are things that tourists need to pay attention to if they want to come at night. Make sure you bring your own lighting and be extra careful because the terrain on the road is quite difficult, especially as the road conditions are also dark.

Moko Hill Tourist Activities and Attractions

Enjoying the nature of the city of Bandung is a special attraction that makes anyone want to come to Moko Hill. Some exciting activities that you can do if you come to Moko Hill are:

1. Camping

There are no cheap guest houses in Moko Hill Bandung if you want to stay overnight. So, an exciting activity that you can do if you are on this hill is setting up a tent. Yes, at Moko Hill this camping ground can be a camping place for you and your friends.

The place itself is very spacious for spending the night while lighting a campfire. If you didn’t bring your own camping equipment, don’t worry! In this area there are affordable tent rentals for you to spend the night and watch the beautiful night view of Bandung city.

To warm your body and enliven the event at night, lighting a campfire is certainly a complement to your activities with family or friends. If you want to camp, don’t forget to maintain cleanliness while you are in this place.

2. Enjoy the Night View

It must be admitted that the view of Bandung city on Moko Hill at night is very beautiful. The nighttime views offered by this tourist area are truly amazing, making anyone feel comfortable.

From the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful sparkling night lights decorating the city of Bandung. Apart from that, when you look up, you can also see the stars in the sky which are no less brilliant.

You can enjoy the night view on Moko Hill with a cup of coffee and roasted corn. On this tourist hill, there are several stalls selling various kinds of snacks to accompany your activities.

3. Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise

Watching the beautiful sunset and sunrise on Moko Hill is the best moment to feel and immortalize. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises at Moko Hill could be the best moments for you to upload on your Instagram account or other social media.

However, to enjoy the sunrise, you have to come before dawn or you can spend the night by setting up a tent. If you want to capture important moments on Moko Hill, make sure you bring a camera with batteries that are of course fully charged.

4. Culinary Tourism

Another exciting activity that you shouldn’t miss if you’re at Moko Hill is a culinary tour. Many stalls stand around this tourist spot. Warung Daweung is one of the popular stalls in the Moko Hill tourist area

There are a lot of snack menus provided at the stalls around Moko Hill so they are suitable for culinary delights. Some of them include fried banana, mendoan, instant noodles, coffee, soto bandrek and others. Bandrek itself is a typical Bandung hot drink that you must try.

It’s perfect to enjoy bandrek in the cold atmosphere of Moko Hill. Made from the main ingredient ginger, banderk is perfect for warming your body,

Oh yes, every stall in this tourist area also provides chairs and tables made of stone. So, you can sit and eat while enjoying the beautiful view of Moko Hill.

Existing Facilities

Moko Hill itself is equipped with several facilities including:

  • Ample parking
  • Prayer room
  • Food stalls
  • Toilet
  • Camping ground
  • Rent camping equipment

With these adequate facilities, of course your tourism experience will be even more exciting and enjoyable.

For those who like natural tourism in Bandung, don’t try to miss Moko Hill. There are many exciting experiences to explore when coming to Moko Hill.

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