List of the Most Popular Indonesian Bus Simulator Mods

A wide variety of games have been discovered nowadays. Starting from teamwork, war or adventure. Games that offer free but fun designs like Bus Simulator Indonesia have also become a favorite of many gamers from various ages, from children, young people, to adults.

When playing it, you can travel to various cities that are conceptualized as in Indonesia. In this game there is also a “MOD” so that players have more freedom in designing transportation media.

MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia will make many forms of transportation media open. Players have more freedom to customize transportation media according to their ambitions.

So, regarding this matter, we have a list of the best and most famous Indonesian Bus Simulator MODs. For those of you who are curious and interested in trying it, please continue reading our review until the end so you don’t miss any information.

Review of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

Launching from Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk is a simulation game that has been modified by a third party. There are lots of Indonesian beauties that you can discover when playing this game.

In the Indonesian bus simulator mod, you will be a driver and attract passengers from various cities.

Not only that, BUSSID mod Apk has a very simple but attractive User Interface (UI), making it easier for users to understand it directly without feeling confused.

The BUSSID mod concept is very interesting, for example: It’s like introducing free 3D to spoil our eyes, and you can also design your own bus by improving the concept according to your wishes.

For those of you who want to know the types of Bus Simulator Mods themselves, we will share them below.

Recommendations for the Most Popular Indonesian Bus Simulator Mods 2022

1. Bussid Jetbus Mod 3

Maybe you have seen or known about the Jetbus tourist bus. This type of bus looks very cool as a means of long-distance tourism transportation.

The bus produced by Karoseri AdiPutro appears if you use the Indonesian bus simulator mod type Jetbus 3. Users can feel the excitement of driving on a cool means of transportation like driving on reels.

The journey will continue to be fun by turning on the radio or songs as one of the features on this Jetbus.

2. Bussid Avante Mod

Playing a bus simulator game is not complete if you don’t customize your means of transportation. Changing the form of transportation itself cannot be tried without a mod, considering the limitations of items that are still locked.

Using the Bussid Avante mod is the right solution, considering that all items related to bus editing will be unlocked. You can change all the various bus requirements according to your wishes. The appearance can be made extraordinarily cool if the user is able to create a unified transportation concept.

3. Articulated Truck Bussid Mod

This mod is very suitable for those of you who dream of excessive challenges. Not without reason, but the means of transportation that you want to drive is an articulated truck.

If you are still a beginner, it might feel difficult, considering that driving requires excessive focus. However, that’s where it increases the experience and excitement when playing.

The various forms of articulated truck transportation are also complete so that users can freely choose according to their individual wishes.

4. Bussid Motorcycle Mod

This Indonesian bus simulator mod is suitable for those of you who want to have other fun using different means of transportation. Because users no longer drive buses but ride motorbikes.

The shape of the motorbike can be chosen according to your wishes considering that using the mod will open up many types of transportation. However, always be careful when driving because motorbikes are more prone to falling than buses.

5. Hino Bussid Truck Mod

Not satisfied with just driving a bus or motorbike, there is also an Indonesian bus simulator mod that opens up the type of Hino truck transportation. This green means of transportation is certainly familiar to you.

The excitement of driving using a Hino will be the best experience and will have certain pleasure for you while playing this game.

You can even arrange the form of transportation according to your creativity. The excitement will continue to be felt, considering that many cities are arranged very according to those in this country.

6. Bussid Truck Canter Mod

If previously there was a mod that introduced the Hino truck, now the canter truck form is also available in the bussid truck canter mod. This mod is very suitable for you to play freely while getting entertainment.

Because there are also cute stickers that are uniquely attached to the concept of transportation. You can also try custom colors to get the shape of your dream canter transportation tool.


That’s the list of the most popular Indonesian bus simulator mods that we can summarize, there are lots of them. You can try them one by one. Maybe that’s all we can review in this post, thank you, hopefully it’s useful. Source






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