List of the latest best BlackBerry Bold Series keyboard phones in September 2023

list of blackberry bold cellphones; For those of you who are loyal users of BlackBerry Bold smartphones, this time I will share a list of Blackberry Bold smartphones, even though BlackBerry is currently not as popular as it used to be, Blackberry Bold smartphones are still the best of the latest Blackberry series at the moment, especially for business matters, namely BBM (Blackberry). messenger) on the old Blackberry series devices is much better and it could be said that the Blackberry Bold cellphone is the best cellphone for business and communication matters, plus the Blackberry Bold series cellphones already have a soft Qwerty keypad.

So it’s not surprising that many business people still use it blackberry bold Even though there are currently a lot of Android smartphones available on the market, the main reason they use BlackBerries as a means of communication is clearly because in the BBM application there are no advertisements available that annoy users. Unlike Android, BBM contacts on BlackBerries are much more neatly arranged and easy to create categories. contact, things are different with BBM on Android, when I first started using BBM on Android I felt the same thing, even though they were both BBM applications, the BBM application on Android felt mediocre and a little stiff when we used to use BBM on a BlackBerry Bold phone. .

In terms of using BBM, it also feels very different, because in my opinion, for business matters and BBM chats on Blackberry Bold Curve devices and some previous BlackBerries, it’s easier, because it is equipped with a Qwerty keypad and allows us to quickly write and send important files. This is It’s natural because BBM is the official application for BlackBerry smartphones. So don’t be surprised if BBM on Blackberry is the best and fastest compared to BBM on Android at the moment.

OK, next list of blackberry bold cellphones :

BlackBerry Bold 9000 was released in 2008; This is the best-selling and best cellphone from BlackBerry. It could be said that the BlackBerry Bold 9000 cellphone is the most successful cellphone from BlackBerry. equipped with a trackball like a computer mouse in the past and equipped with a qwerty keypad which is neatly designed and has a simple design, making the BlackBerry Bold 9000 still well known and still sought after by some people. The disadvantage of the Blackberry Bold 9000 lies in its The trackball is often damaged and the OS takes quite a long time to load when first turned on, not only that, the RAM capacity and screen color of this best-selling BlackBerry smartphone are also relatively low.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700, known as the BB Onyx or Blackberry Onyx 1, was released 1 year after the BB Bold 9000 – the second best-selling smartphone from BlackBerry, many changes occurred from the Bold 9000 series to the 9700, the first Onyx body design was more elegant and smaller in size. compared to the bold 9000. the bb 9700 already uses a trackpad and has a screen size of 2.4 inches and is equipped with a 3 mp camera, the ram capacity of this cellphone is 256 MB, the similarity between the blackberry bold 9000 and 9700 is the qwerty design.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is known as the BlackBerry Onyx 2 – this smart phone is an improvement on the first BlackBerry Onyx, released in 2010, this third generation BlackBerry Bold cellphone is equipped with higher RAM and a higher camera size, as for the design and size. Onyx 1 and 2 screens are no different, for details you can read differences between blackberry 9780 onyx 2 and blackberry 9700

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 was released in 2010 – this BlackBerry smartphone is not very well known because it is a BlackBerry Bold CDMA / CDMA specific cellphone, so to use this Blackberry you have to inject a local operator, and there isn’t much marketing for this Blackberry in Indonesia either. The 9650 screen size is 2.4 inches and is equipped with a 3 MP camera.

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 was released in 2011, known as the Blackberry Bellagio and Blackberry Onyx 3 – as the third generation Blackberry Onxy, this cellphone has a much thinner and more luxurious design than the previous Blackberry Onxy series, with a slightly larger RAM capacity, with The appearance of the BlackBerry OS 7.0 is quite good, different from the previous Bold series, the BlackBerry Onxy 3 is not only faster but also equipped with a touchscreen, this is of course a plus in itself, but in terms of battery life, this cellphone is totally inferior compared to the Onyx 2 and This cellphone heats up quickly when used for browsing and BBM chat

The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 was released in the same year as the BlackBerry Onyx 3, the smartphone which is better known as the Blackberry Dakota is an update of the first Blackberry Bold 9000, this is clearly visible from the design of these two cellphones which are very similar, only this BlackBerry Dakota 9900 has a much thinner design and is equipped with various of the latest features, it’s just that this BlackBerry Dakota doesn’t meet user expectations, a lot Dakota’s blackberry phone has a problemStarting from the Qwerty keypad, camera and so on.

The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Montana has a completely similar design to the BlackBerry Dakota, only this is a CDMA-only BlackBerry cellphone.

OK, above are some BlackBerry Bold cellphone starting from the first series up to the newest BlackBerry Bold, for those of you who are loyal Blackberry users, of course you always have problems with the relatively short battery life of your BlackBerry, please read surefire way to double your blackberry battery lifeThat’s all, hopefully it’s useful.






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