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Anime Tensura and the 8 Strongest Octagram Demon Lords

Zeinal Wujud

Sept. 07, 2023


Game News.ID – Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken anime has introduced us to various strong characters, especially the Demon Lords who are the focus of the story. In the Walpurgis gathering, the organization of the Eight Star Demon Lords, or Octagram, was introduced to us as the strongest group within the world of Tensura. Let’s peel more deeply about the Eight Strongest Demon Lords.

8. Ramiris – The Fairy Queen Who Has Widespread Influence

Ramiris Tensura

Even though Ramiris was small, don’t underestimate her. He was one of the first generation Demon Lords alongside Milim and Guy Crimson. Ramiris had the ability to stop Milim’s violent rampage in the past. On top of that, he had also become a spirit guide for Rimuru’s disciples. If he were to be harmed, the enemy would have to face three Demon Lords at once!

7. Dino – The Demon King Who Likes to Sleep in Tensura


Dino may seem lazy because he prefers to sleep and has no territory of his own. However, don’t underestimate it. Dino has great potential, though he will have to rely on the help of his allies to use his powers to their fullest. He was also afraid of some powerful individuals such as the Primordial Demons and Zegion.

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6. Luminous Valentine – Vampire Ruler of the Dangerous

Luminous Valentine Tensura

Luminous Valentine is a vampire who has vast territories with affiliations to various human kingdoms. He has an army of the Holy Knight Order led by Hinata Sakaguchi. Additionally, Luminous has the ability to resurrect his dead subordinates as long as they are within his range. Although strong, he is still below several other Demon Lords.

5. Leon Cromwell – Strong Man who Became a Demon King

Leon Cromwell Tensura

Leon Cromwell, like Rimuru, came from another world and succeeded in becoming a Demon Lord. He possessed great strength and was even capable of killing the Cursed Lord Kazaream. However, he frequently had trouble with Carrera, one of the Primordial Demons.

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4. Dagruel – Large Demon King in Tensura

Dagruel Tensura

Dagruel was known for his large body. Veldora even admitted that Dagruel was strong enough to match his strength. He is also a capable leader and always puts logic first.

3. Milim Nava – Very Powerful Direct Bloodline

Milim Nava Tensura

Milim is a direct descendant of Veldanava and could become the strongest character in the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken world if Rimuru wasn’t around. He has a number of extraordinary abilities and is able to take down other Demon Lords with ease. Even the newly awakened Rimuru had a hard time dealing with it.

2. Guy Crimson – One of the First Generation Demon Lords

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson was one of the first generation of Demon Kings and also the seven primordial demons. He has a powerful army of demons and even has a True Dragon named Velzard who Veldora fears.

1. Rimuru Tempest – The Slime Who Became a Legend in Tensura

Rimuru Tempest Tensura

Rimuru Tempest, who was originally a slime, managed to develop his strength tremendously. He was the one behind the appearance of the monsters and the founding of the nation of Tempest. Rimuru has connections with many important figures in the world and has very talented subordinates. He is also the only Octagram member to employ another Demon Lord in his realm.

These are the Eight Strongest Demon Kings in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. Even though every single one of them possessed extraordinary strength, Rimuru Tempest with all his might and followers had become legends within the world of Tensura. However, Octagram remains an interesting group and makes this anime story even more interesting.

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