List of applications to save internal memory on Android phones

5 Android applications that can save internal memory on your Android cellphone– for some Android cellphone users who have quite large internal memory specs, this might be an advantage because they can install lots of applications or store various photos or important data on your Android cellphone without fear of running out of storage space. The storage capacity is already full. It’s just not All Android cellphone users have a large internal memory storage space, some also have limited capacity so their use must be really efficient because otherwise this will affect the performance of your Android cellphone which will become increasingly slow and wasteful of power. But you don’t need to worry because our team will provide simple tips with additional applications for you to save space on your cellphone’s internal memory so that its performance is maintained.

Check out several applications that you can install to save internal memory on your Android cellphone below.

  1. Gallery Doctor application

On the first list of internal memory saving applications, namely Gallery Doctor, this application is claimed to be able to save internal memory storage space on your cellphone. The working system of this application is to filter files and data that are no longer used or not suitable for use so that the files will be deleted. This trash, such as photos with blurry resolution or duplicate files, will be deleted or filtered so that it doesn’t fill up the storage space on your cellphone’s internal memory. You can get this application from the famous antivirus developer AVG for free on Google Playstore

  1. ClearMeOut App

In second place there is an application made by Depelover Indivisible Industries, namely ClearMeout, which you can install on your Android cellphone so that you can use your cellphone’s internal memory storage space more efficiently. With a menu display that is easy to operate, this application has features that are quite capable of saving internal memory space. The Clearmeout application works by periodically deleting files or the system if there are too many junk files or duplicate files and absolute apks that fill the internal ROM of your Android cellphone. The Clearmeout application allows you to make settings to sort out which folders will be deleted as well as delete several sub-folders that are empty or waste space and can make your file manager neatly arranged.

  1. Ccleaner application

The Ccleaner application must be very familiar to you, especially if you have used it on a PC/Laptop. The Ccleaner application is quite popular so that many users have installed it on their Android devices and several well-known smartphone vendors have even included this application as a default application on their cellphones. Ccleaner has the same function as other cleaning and storage space saving applications. The working system of this application is by deleting unused junk files and absolute apk files as well as browser cache or thumbnails that fill the ROM system so that the internal memory space becomes more spacious and smartphone performance is faster and doesn’t waste battery.

  1. SD Maid

Installing SD Maid on your Android cellphone can also save internal storage space on your cellphone. This application works almost the same as the application described above, namely by cleaning up junk files that fill the internal memory and are no longer used, but there is an interesting feature in the application. This means that it has the ability to delete files and folders from previously uninstalled applications that leave behind junk files and absolute files so that cleaning the storage system will be more optimal.

  1. Google Photos

Many people think that the Google Photos application cannot save your internal memory storage space, but if you look closely, you can use this default Android application to save storage space because it can back up photos on your Android cellphone and your internal memory will remain free. because it is not used to store photos using the storage space on the cellphone, so it is guaranteed that the storage space will be more spacious and the performance of your Android cellphone will remain smooth.

That’s a collection of 5 applications that can save internal memory on your Android cellphone. It is recommended that you install one of the applications above and not install 2 similar applications at the same time. Hopefully the information in this article is useful and your smartphone’s performance will remain smooth. Thank You






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