Let’s find out why the iPhone IMEI is not registered, how to check and solve it here!

Reasons why iPhone IMEI is not registered

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the device identification number on every smartphone on the market. Cellular operators use the IMEI to identify devices connected to the network, as well as proof that the device is being sold officially. So, what causes the iPhone IMEI not to be registered and how do you check it? Come on, take a look at the following review.

Causes of Smartphone IMEI Not Registered

In Permenkominfo 1/2020, the regulations regarding IMEI are clearly stated. The international identity number, which consists of 15 digits, is used to uniquely identify devices connected to cellular mobile networks. So every mobile network provider is required to verify the IMEI before providing network access.

In this case, you need to understand the existence of a White List, Black List, and Gray List. The White List is a list of IMEI devices that have mobile mobile network access. Then the Black List is a list with the IMEI of devices that do not have network access, including unregistered IMEI.

Meanwhile, the Gray List is a collection of device IMEI data outside the White List and Black List, so devices are still given cellular network access but for a limited time. So the reason the iPhone’s IMEI is not registered could be because the device is not being sold officially, or it no longer has mobile network access because it is a stolen device.

Consequences of Unregistered iPhone IMEI

Even though it sounds trivial, of course there are consequences if the iPhone’s IMEI is not registered. What you need to be aware of is regarding personal data protection. Where the risk of data leakage and selling of personal data is very possible. Such as name, gender, etc.

Because even though technological developments continue to increase and everyone is starting to become technologically literate, cybercrime has also increased along with this development. That is why an official IMEI number is very necessary, because this identity number can be useful for protecting each user’s personal data.

How to Check iPhone IMEI

After knowing what causes the iPhone IMEI not being registered and what the consequences are, let’s find out how to check the IMEI on your smartphone. The method is easy, first you only need to visit the Ministry of Industry page to check whether the IMEI is registered or not.

Next, enter the IMEI number and press the search button. The iPhone IMEI number itself can be seen in the Settings menu, select General and About. Scroll down the screen, then you will find the IMEI number section. If the IMEI is registered, a green box notification will appear in the search results indicating that the IMEI is registered in the Ministry of Industry database.

How to Solve iPhone IMEI Not Registered

If the iPhone IMEI check results show that the device identity number is not registered, it means your smartphone is on the Black List. This can happen when you buy a device from the black market or from abroad. So you need to register your IMEI at the Ministry of Industry.

The method is through the Customs and Excise mobile application, for cellphones from abroad. Next, run the application and look for the IMEI menu. Then fill in your personal data and item details, and save the form by clicking Complete. Next you will get a QR Code and Registration ID. Use the QR Code and Registration ID at the Customs inspection section by visiting the office directly.

If all inspection and tax matters are completed, the Customs official will give approval so that the IMEI number becomes registered. However, if the iPhone’s IMEI is not registered because it was purchased on the black market, the black market device will still be subject to IMEI blocking.

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It’s clear, isn’t it? Try checking your iPhone’s IMEI now via the Ministry of Industry page. If you buy a smartphone legally at an official place, of course there is no need to worry about things like this. And for devices purchased from abroad, the IMEI can be registered through the Customs office.






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