Latest WA Green Tick Emoji Copy Copy Paste 2023

WA GREEN TICK EMOJI (WHATSAPP) COPY / COPY PASTE HERE LATEST 2023 WORK – As a WhatsApp user, of course you have or even often use emojis to better express the contents of the messages sent.

Even though WhatsApp has provided many emojis, quite a few people still think they are incomplete. One thing that is missing is the green tick emoji.

Do you want these emojis too? Continue reading the explanation of how to use the green check emoji below.

A little about the WhatsApp Verified Badge

A little about the WhatsApp Green Tick tag

The green check logo on the WA application is usually called the WhatsApp Verified Badge which is a feature for users who have verified their WhatsApp account.

If your account has been verified, you will immediately get a green check badge automatically.

This sign usually indicates that the account is more secure and trusted by other WhatsApp users.

Are you interested in getting it? There is a special method that must be done to get direct verification from WhatsApp.

But there’s no need to worry, if all the requirements have been met then the process will run smoothly.

The reason is, not everyone can get a Verified Badge, those who can use it are big figures, governments or companies.

That’s why many entrepreneurs want to get the WA green tick, one of the reasons is so that their products are trusted and sellable.

We will discuss how to get the WA green tick in full below.

How to Get a Green Tick on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Verified Badge Green Check Logo

Please note that if you want to get a green tick or Verified Badge on WA you have to use the WhatsApp Business application.

Usually users of the WhatsApp Business application are entrepreneurs or sell online.

There are a series of requirements that are not easy to get a green tick from WhatsApp.

But don’t worry because we will provide a complete guide for you through the following explanation.

1. Verify your WA Business Account

As you already know, if you want to get a Verified Badge you have to use a WhatsApp Business account.

Before starting to register, you must prepare your SIUP and NPWP. Make sure you fulfill these requirements so that the process runs smoothly.

Next, you can register your business account by connecting your account to Facebook Business Manager.

2. Use the WhatsApp Official Business Partner WhatsApp account

This BSP will make it easier for you to register considering that not all accounts can be registered with WhatsApp.

3. Register WA Number

Now you need to register your number to apply for a Verified Badge from WhatsApp.

If registering using a personal number is difficult, then you can use BSP to make the verification process faster.

4. Done, wait for the verification process to complete

If you find it difficult to do all the steps above properly, then the application process should have been completed.

Now you just need to wait for verification to complete, the time required is usually quite long.

How to Get the WA Green Tick Emoji Copy Here

WA Green Tick Emoji Copy Paste

If you think the first method is very difficult or impossible because you don’t meet the requirements to get the WA green tick, then you can try this method.

This method is only to get the green WA check emoji on your WhatsApp account so that it looks like you have been verified.

How to make it is very easy, just follow the steps we provide below.

  1. First, Copy Paste the green tick emoji “✅”.
  2. You must have installed the WhatsApp Business or regular WA application.
  3. Open the WhatsApp application.
  4. Press on the WhatsApp settings menu.
  5. Scroll down and tap on the WhatsApp Profile Name option.
  6. Change the name according to your wishes followed by the green tick emoji that you copied.
  7. Don’t forget to put a green check mark on the name.
  8. Apart from copying, you can find the emoji in the symbols menu on the green emoticon keyboard, tap the emoji symbol category and select the green tick
  9. Now you can save the new name with the green tick emoji

This method does not require any special conditions and can be used by all WhatsApp accounts.

How to Get the WA Green Tick Emoji via the Website

Green Tick Emoji WhatsApp Verifed Badge

There is also another way to get the WhatsApp green tick emoji, namely by copying and pasting from the website.

Of course you can do this quickly. For more details, please read the following tutorial carefully.

  1. Open the browser application on your phone
  2. Visit the website
  3. There you will see lots of cool emojis
  4. Immediately copy the WA green tick emoji
  5. Paste the emoji into the name column of your WhatsApp account
  6. Press Save

Even though it wasn’t a direct gift from WA, this green tick emoji can be used as a variation of the account name to make it look more attractive.

Why does WA have a green tick?

The green check mark on WA is usually called the WhatsApp Verified Badge which is a feature for verified users.

This sign usually indicates that the account is safe and trusted by other WhatsApp users.

The WhatsApp Verified Badge is usually obtained by business or corporate users.

Why is WhatsApp Check Not Blue?

This is because the green WhatsApp brand itself, the blue tick is usually found on verified IG (Instagram) accounts (Instagram Verified Badge).

How to Get a Blue Tick on WA?

Not a blue tick, but a green tick on WhatsApp. We have provided the method above which you can practice directly or by using the green tick emoji.

Also read this WA Sound Of Text and this one, guys, WA ringtone.

The green check mark or WhatsApp Verified Badge emoji has an important function for business or online sales owners to gain the trust of customers.

In fact, just anyone can’t have the green tick for an original WhatsApp account because they have to meet certain terms and conditions.

However, for those of you who want to have this mark only to vary your account name, you can use the WA green tick emoji.

It is hoped that this post will be useful information, especially for those of you who are curious about how to verify a WhatsApp account.

If it’s still not enough, you can read other tips and tricks articles only on this site. Thank You.

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