Latest Doraemon X Apk 2023 v1.0 Full Features For Android Free

Game – When I was little, admin really liked exciting card films, one of which was Doraemon. Many people still like the Doraemon film from the past until now, so it’s not surprising that this card film is still sought after by its fans. Talking about Doraemon, currently there is a Doraemon game that you can play called Doraemon x Apk. Surely those of you who are fans of Doraemon are very curious about the game, right, that’s why on this occasion we will discuss it.

Recently, the game called Doraemon

What is Doraemon X Apk?

Doraemon The word

As additional insight, you need to know that the Doraemon X Apk game itself is a game developed by the developer Hotmilk Patreon. This game can be played on Android smartphones with OS 5.0+.

In terms of size, the game itself has a fairly light capacity, namely only 68MB and in our opinion you can download it on a smartphone with 1GB RAM. For those of you who are curious about the features in the game, you can see the discussion below.

Latest Doraemon X Apk Features 2023

The list of features that you can get is as follows.

1.Good Visual Quality

You need to know, the game is equipped with very good visual quality so you can get an exciting game with very good quality. This visual quality will allow you to play it very excitingly and of course make the game feel like real.

2. Exciting storyline

As we know, the Doraemon game has an exciting storyline. It is possible that the game is also very fun to play. But unfortunately, from the information we got, it is said that this game has adult content which makes you perhaps lazy to play it.

As writers, here we only share information, because in our opinion this game is included in the adult game category.

3. Stories that are updated and varied

Furthermore, in this game there are also many stories that are always updated and varied. Of course, with this diversity, you won’t get bored easily playing it.

So, that’s the list of features that we can mention. For more details about the features in the game, you can download the game directly.

Download the Latest Doraemon X Apk v1.0

If you are really curious about trying it, then you can download it from the link provided.

Game Name Doraemon X Apk
Version 2023
Developer Hotmilk Patreon
Version v1.0
Price Free
Download link Here

How to Install Doraemon X Apk

Just install the game in the following way:

  • First download Doraemon X Apk via link which are already provided above.
  • So open Settings on the Android phone that you have.
  • After That Please click Security and Privacy, then continue to the next setting.
  • On page then activate the Source menu No Known.
  • Next you click files that have been downloaded earlier.
  • Please choose Install the application.
  • Wait a few moments until it is installed cellphone, if it is installed, then you can just use it straight away.
  • Good luck.
  • By following each step that we have shared above, you can easily install the game on your cellphone. However, make sure you follow each of the steps above properly and correctly so that the game is installed and you can play it very excitingly in this version.
  • Good luck trying the application.

Advantages and disadvantages

As for the advantages that we think this game has, it is the fun of playing, but unfortunately one of the disadvantages is that the game has an adult theme, one of which is when Nobita asked Doraemon for his birthday when he asked for things that were not childlike anymore. , so this is a real concern for us as parents.

Even though the game features Doraemon, you need to know what the actual content is so you don’t get caught up and children can avoid things like this.

Is Doraemon X Apk Safe?

Now that we know that this game is not from the developer, then we know that this game can be dangerous for its users, so you need to pay attention when using the game. The reason is that in today’s games there are lots of viruses, malware or other things that can also bug your cellphone, so you need to be careful when downloading applications from third parties.

The final word

That’s the only discussion about Doraemon Oh yes, you need to know that this game is not currently available on the Play Store, so this game is really a game made by a third party.






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