Lap by Lap Summary of F1 British GP 2023

The following is a summary of the F1 British GP race at the Silverstone Circuit in 2023. In this race, McLaren used a special livery for the race, McLaren used a chrome livery and Williams used a livery with the British flag to commemorate their 800th participation in Formula 1.

This time the McLaren duo managed to qualify in positions 2 and 3, while position 1 (pole position) was still held by Max Verstappen.

In this race there were also shooting activities for a film starring Hollywood actor Brad Pitt with a Formula 1 theme. They even used modified cars that were similar to F1 cars to be placed on the starting grid with the original F1 cars in the formation lap session.

Lando Norris took the lead on the opening lap

Lap 1, after the green light Lando Norris stole 1st place from Max Verstappen who apparently experienced a slight wheel spin, this was acknowledged by Max after the race. In fact, Max almost lost his position to Oscar Piastri behind him.

On 4th lap Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, was still in 15th position, the same as his position at the start of the race, even though Perez was using the fastest car (Red Bull) at that time.

The McLaren looks very fast, especially in the maggots & beckets (high-speed corner) area. But on 5th lap Verstappen finally managed to take first place from Lando Norris.

McLaren team orders

On 7th lap The two McLaren drivers were given instructions to hold their respective positions (not to overtake each other). With this strategy, it is believed that both cars will maintain a safe distance to the racers behind them. On this lap, Hamilton also managed to overtake Alonso at Copse.

Lap 8 Hulkenberg was forced to enter the pits because he had to replace the front wing which had broken as a result of contact with Sergio Perez’s car. Apart from changing the front wing, Hulkenberg also changed the tires from Hard to Medium tires.

Lap 9 some teams are starting to report the potential for rain, but nothing too threatening. On this lap, Verstappen also complained that his car was not stable and the Red Bull team also confirmed that the wind was indeed strong and could have an effect on the car.

Ocon experienced problems with the car’s hydraulics

Lap 10 Ocon retired or left racing because there was hydraulic issues. The team informed that the threat of rain was no longer there because the clouds had moved their position.

Lap 14 Yuki Tsunoda was the first car to change tires under normal racing conditions (not VSC or SC). Yuki changed from Soft to Hard tires and came out in 18th position. Perez managed to climb positions slowly but surely to 10th in lap 17.

Ferrari and AlphaTauri were the first to change tires

On 19th lap Charles Leclerc entered the pits to change tires from Medium to Hard. This box also makes Ferrari and AlphaTauri a strategic team undercut in normal conditions (without VSC or Safety Car).

Max Verstappen knew that Ferrari had changed tires but his team calmed him down and said that they didn’t need to respond to Ferrari’s strategy because during the race they weren’t a threat.

Lap 25 the McLaren team was a little panicked when they saw Ferrari changing tires. They didn’t want their position to be stolen by Ferrari because they pitted first. McLaren is aware that their direct rival is not Red Bull, but Mercedes and Ferrari who are behind.

McLaren also asked Lando about the condition of the tires he was using. Lando indicated that his car was in good condition so he didn’t want to rush to change tires. Lap 25 Leclerc overtakes Stroll on new hard tyres.

Lap 27 Sainz boxed and changed the band from Medium to Hard and came out in 12th position. Lap 28 De Vries box changed from Soft to Medium and exited the pit in 17th position. Lap 29 Russell changed tires from Soft to Medium and exited the pit in 9th position, Perez changed from Medium to Soft and exited the pit in 13th position. Lap 30 Piastri box from Medium to Hard and came out in 6th position.

Lap 31 Russel overtook Leclerc for 8th position. Lap 31 Gasly boxed from Medium to Soft and exited the pit in 11th position, Stroll boxed from Medium to Soft and exited in 14th position.

The Safety Car came out because Magnussen’s car had problems

Lap 33 Magnussen experienced problems and stopped in the middle of the road (did not stop in a safe place), Magnussen’s car started to catch fire but immediately died. This problem results in VSC and subsequent Safety Car status being issued.

This SC condition causes the pit box to be busy because almost all teams change tires in this condition. The following drivers changed tires during the Safety car: Albon (MS), Leclerc (HM), Tsunoda (HS), Devries (MS), Hulkenberg (MS), Verstappen (MS), Norris (MH), Hamilton (MS), Alonso (MS). Meanwhile Sainz and Perez decided not to enter the pit (stay out).

Lap 35 Zak was interviewed live and said that choosing Hard tires for Lando was a sudden decision but still hoped that Lando could survive Lewis’ attack from behind with Soft tires. Lando also sounded annoyed on team radio because he was given Hard tires while the Mercedes (Lewis) behind him used Soft tires.

Safety Car In This Lap

Lap 38 Race Control decided to end the Safety Car status (safety car in this lap). Here is the order of drivers when the Safety Car ends P1-P18 (VER, NOR, HAM, PIA, RUS, ALO, SAI, PER, ALB, LEC, GAS, STR, SAR, BOT, TSU, DEV, ZHO, HUL).

When the race restarted Verstappen decided to step on the gas early, he immediately stepped on the gas while still on Hangar Straight. This strategy was considered successful because Lando Norris could not catch up and instead had to defend against Hamilton’s attacks with his soft tires.

Laps 38 – 41 Lando Norris fought hard with Lewis Hamilton at almost every corner, but fortunately Lando Norris this time had better car performance even though he was using Hard tires which are known to be the slowest tires.

Lap 41 Verstappen complained that the soft tires he was using were not very comfortable, but a few moments later he recorded the fastest lap lap 42. Lap 43 Lance Stroll got the Black and White flag because he violated it 3 times track limits.

Sainz is miserable and Gasly has suspension problems

Lap 44 Perez, Albon and Leclerc managed to overtake Carlos Sainz in the position previously in 7th position. Gasly overtook Sainz but Sainz managed to recapture that position.

Lap 46 Gasly and Stroll made contact which resulted in Gasly having to end the race early (DNF) due to suspension problems. Lap 47 Perez managed to take 6th position from Fernando Alonso.

Lap 48 Russel and Norris received a track limit warning and received a black and white flag because they had violated the track limit 3 times. Lap 50 Stroll received a 5 second penalty for contact with Gasly.

Verstappen’s Dominance and McLaren’s Rise

Lap 52. Verstappen crossed the finish line followed by other racers. Alonso, Albon and Leclerc had a close battle to the finish but their positions did not change. Final position after everyone crosses the finish line. VER, NOR, HAM, PIA, RUS, PER, ALO, ALB, LEC, SAI, SAR, BOT, HUL, STR, ZHO, TSU, DEV, GAS (DNF), MAG (DNF), OCO (DNF).

Lando Norris was chosen by the fans as Driver of the day and Max Verstappen took home 1 additional point for the fastest lap on lap 42 with a time of 1:30.275 using Soft tires.

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