Know How to See the FF DPI for All Types of Cellphones, Make Games Smoother and More Exciting!

In general, how to see the DPI FF is an important thing that must be known by the players.

Moreover, a smooth screen is an important factor in increasing player comfort, especially for genre games Battle Royale like Free Fire.

Because when the game screen is already slippery then the attack that will be launched on the opponent will also be more focused and directed.

Obviously this will make it easier for you to get Booyah! You can only get all this convenience when you know how to see the DPI FF and set it appropriately.

Indeed how to see the exact DPI FF? Check out the explanation in this article!

Various How to see DPI FF according to cellphone type

Actually, how to see the DPI FF in smartphones according to your needs, change the settings according to your needs.

It is just, each smartphones have a slightly different way to be able to see the currently installed DPI.

This check is usually done when you start to feel uncomfortable with the FF game screen and want to change the settings or forget that you have set the DPI at that time. pixels How many.

In order to avoid unwanted errors, here are various ways to see DPI FF on all types of cellphones that are commonly used on the market, including:

1. How to See Xiaomi FF DPI

Source: Youtube OGI YT

Xiaomi is one of a kind smartphones which is most widely used by Free Fire users.

Because apart from the affordable price, the specifications offered can also make it the best choice in its class.

So, if you want to check or see the DPI FF of a Xiaomi cellphone, here are the steps!

  • Activate developer options first by going to the “Settings” menu.
  • Then click the “About Phone” option.
  • If an option appears “MIUI Version”, click 7 times until a notification appears that developer mode is active.
  • After that, return to the “Settings” menu and select the “Additional Settings” menu option.
  • Scroll screen until the “Developer Options” option appears and click on the menu.

In this section, you can see the DPI number that is currently active on your smartphone and has an effect on the game display in Free Fire.

2. How to see Oppo FF DPI

Source: Youtube YT Gaddafi

Don’t worry, you can see the DPI numbers even on an Oppo cellphone. So, you can check the installed DPI numbers and change them if needed. Here are the complete steps!

  • Make sure to enter the “Settings” menu and select the “About Phone” option
  • Then options appear “Baseband & Kernel Version” and click on it until the compilation number appears.
  • Click the compilation number 7 times until a notification appears that developer mode has been activated.
  • Return to the front page of the settings menu and select “Additional Settings”.
  • Furthermore, scroll screen until you find “Options Developers”. Click the option.

Finally, you can scroll the screen again cellphone and find the “Minimum Width” option. The number that appears in the options is the DPI you are looking for.

3. How to View Samsung FF DPI

Source: Youtube Game Builder

Furthermore, you can also see the DPI number as well as change it as needed on a Samsung cellphone so that the game becomes smoother and more fun.

Some steps that need to be taken to be able to see the DPI number that is currently active on a Samsung cellphone are:

  • Make sure you open the Settings menu and select an option “About Phone”
  • Then, click the menu “Software Information” and click 7 times on the “Version Number” attached to the screen quickly.
  • Only after that, you can return to the main page of the sen settings menu, select the “Developer Options” option.
  • Furthermore, scroll screen until you see “Minimum Width”. In this section you can see the active DPI for your Samsung cellphone.

4. How to See Vivo FF DPI

Source: Youtube Haris Tv97

Lastly, you can also check the DPI number on your Vivo cellphone easily. So if the Free Fire you play is not smooth and frequent lagit could be that the DPI has not been adjusted.

To make it easier, here are the steps to quickly check the DPI of your Vivo cellphone, namely:

  • Go to the Settings menu and select an option “Other Settings”.
  • Find “Software Version” and click 7 times until developer mode has been successfully activated.
  • Next, go back to the “More Settings” page and click “Options Developer”.
  • So, scroll screen until it finds “Minimum Width”. The number that appears in this section can be identified as DPI.
  • If it turns out that the numbers still don’t match, then set them appropriately and without exaggerating so that your Free Fire game doesn’t suffer lag annoying.

Benefits and Recommendations for Checking DPI FF

Basically, DPI or (Dots Per Inch) have the same function when faced with games a kind of Free Fire.

Because with the right settings it turns out to be very helpful for increases the smoothness of the cellphone screen while playing.

When the screen is smooth, shooting at enemies can be more focused because aim so it’s easier to pull up.

Additionally, proper DPI settings will also help player so you can play smoother without any lag and worth the annoying brokenness.

Therefore, when gamWhen you play Free Fire it starts to feel uncomfortable, so that’s the time you need to check by seeing the DPI that is active on your cellphone.

If it turns out it’s still in vogue defaultmake sure to try increasing it by approx 100 points only. Because the DPI number is excessive cause a lot of risk on smartphones-you in the future.

So that’s how to see the DPI FF of various types smartphones starting from Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung to Vivo. So make sure to check too!






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