KM WhatsApp Apk Download 2023 Without Banned

Do you want to know KM WhatsApp Apk? A modified WA application that offers many interesting features. If you want to know more then follow this thread as we will provide a discussion of the application.

As we have told you, we will explain in this thread the modified WA application. If possible, the app can be convenient to use on your device later with much more to offer.

Because maybe you need a recommendation for a WA Mod App that is suitable for later use. Where you might get confused is that there are many WA mods available and you can use them.

A brief description of KM WhatsApp Apk

KM WhatsApp Apk is a chat application modified and developed by a third party. In fact, as a result of this development, a chat application has been created which offers many interesting things.

Cool stuff you can find in this modded app that you might not find in the original app. Because a modified app can actually be considered as a fixed or revised app as compared to the original app.

Many interesting features of KM WhatsApp Apk

In this application, as we have said, you can find many interesting things when using it. Because this mod application offers cool things including features that users can enjoy from the application.

This feature is definitely one of the important things that you need while using the app on your device. Because features can be things that can make it easier for you when using an application on your device later.

So, you might want to know first about the various features available in this app. Because before using the application, of course you want to know more about the application first. Also check out

There are many attractive themes available

The first feature that you can find in KM WhatsApp Apk is that you can find many interesting features in it. If you are using the original WA app, you will be shown the default app theme.

But in this application, you can have a large selection of cool themes which will later be available to you in the application. Because this application allows users to change the themes available in the application later.

By changing the app theme later, you will find that the app theme is more attractive to you. This is different from the original version of the application, which cannot modify or change the themes provided by the application.

Get rid of comments on the Internet

Also, if you use a genuine app, others will know that you are active in the app. Because indeed if you are active in the application, other people will know because later there will be online information.

This description can be found online under your contact name the next time someone visits your profile. Naturally, this will make your privacy less secure because other people will see you online.

In native apps, it will appear automatically in the app when you open or activate the app. You can’t throw it away so others don’t know you’re online on the app.

An anti-cancellation message is available

So, as you know, in the WA application you can send and view messages sent by other people. However, please note that the message has not been deleted by the sender, so you can still view the contents of the message later.

Because if the message is deleted, you will not be able to see the contents of the message if you use the original application. Of course, this will make you curious about the contents of the messages sent to you through the application.

But you can find cool stuff if you use KM WhatsApp Apk in your device later. Because in this application you can enjoy the message deletion prevention feature available in the application for use by its users.

Pin multiple messages

In addition, in the WA application, you can block messages from several people who may be important to you later. By blocking that person’s messages, those messages will continue to appear at the top of the list of available messages.

So as not to drown the message even if many send you messages other than the pinned ones. However, in the original app, you can only block some messages that will later become available in the app.

Where you can only enter a maximum of 3 messages which of course is very limited and you don’t think there are many. Of course you want an application that you can use to enter more than 3 messages in the application.

So, maybe you will like the features of KM WhatsApp Apk when you use it later. Because in this application there will be a feature that allows you to block more than 3 messages in the application.

There are tons of cool emojis and stickers

Apart from that, KM WhatsApp Apk will also provide lots of cool emojis and stickers for you to use. You can find these emojis and stickers instantly when you use this app on your device later.

As you already know, emojis and stickers will make your messages more realistic and less boring. Because emojis and stickers can take many forms that you might be able to use when texting later.

The first thing is emojis because emojis can take any form like express emoticons and then various other things as well. Using emojis like laughter then sadness will surely make your messages more expressive later on.

After that there will also be stickers that you can also use when using this mod application later. Because posters can contain funny and interesting things which will definitely make your message more interesting later

Hide closed captions and audio recordings

When you use the WA application to send messages, other people you send messages will know about it. Because later there will be a description containing a notification that you are writing or recording audio.

So clearly your privacy will not be protected with this because other people can find out later. Especially if you cancel sending a message, others may ask because you typed or recorded audio beforehand.

But if you use KM WhatsApp Apk then you can hide it so that others don’t know. So that other people don’t know that you will message this person later.

Download friend contact status

If you usually use the original WA application, you can just create a status and view it later. Because you cannot download statuses created by other people using the app when you use it later.

Maybe if you come across a state made by someone else and think it would be fun to download it later. However, in the original application, you will not find a feature that can be used to download other people’s statuses.

Because if you want to download other people’s WA statuses while using the application, you need to install an additional application. Because only by using this add-on application you can download statuses created by other people later.

How to install KM WhatsApp Apk

Next, we will also provide a way to install the application on the device that you will use later. Because after downloading this application it will not automatically be installed on the device you will use later. See also at

So we will give you a method so that you can follow this app installation method later. Then just follow the method we provided to install the app later.

Here is how to install KM WhatsApp Apk.

  • First, download the apk file of the app
  • Then open your device settings and find the Privacy and security menu
  • After that, open the Install from Unknown Sources menu and activate it
  • Find the apk file that you downloaded earlier
  • Then select the apk file and click install
  • Wait until the installation is successful
  • I am done.






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