Katla’s Answer Today Wednesday 13 September 2023 #601, Marriage

Before we get into Katla Answers Today Wednesday 13 September 2023 #601, let’s briefly discuss how to play Katla.

The first thing you need to do is visit the Katla site or the following link: LINK.

You will see an empty box which is your playing area.

Horizontal is where you fill in words that are composed of 5 letters and Vertical is the number of opportunities to find hidden words.

When filling in the Horizontal box a color will appear which has the following meaning:

  • Gray If the letter you write is gray then that letter is not in today’s answer.
  • Orange or Orange, if the letter you write is yellow, then the letter is part of the requested word but in the wrong place.
  • Green, if the letter you write is green then the letter is in today’s word and is in the correct position.

If within the 6 available opportunities you succeed in finding the hidden words in this game then you are the winner.

Now let’s get straight into the discussion of Katla’s Answer Today, Wednesday 13 September 2023 #601:

First there is the word “Must” which displays the letter A in green.

Then there is the word “Uncle” and from this word there is a green letter N.

Thirdly there is the word “Dakon” from this word the letter K is added in yellow.

Then there was the word “Marriage” and it turned out that this word was today’s secret word.

So Katla’s answer today Wednesday 13 September 2023 #601 is “MARRY”

If by chance this article is the answer to the old Katla, you can click the following link: LINK, or use the search in the top right corner.






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