Join the Satria Neo StreetBallers S3 Tournament, Achieve Victory in the Most Exciting Online Battles!


Hello aspiring streetball legends! Get ready to show off your skills and dominate the virtual field in the highly anticipated Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) tournament. Organized by PlayPark StreetBallers, this adrenaline-filled event is specifically designed for new players who are ready to create their success. Don’t miss your chance to win attractive prizes and carve your name among the streetball elite. Get ready and achieve your greatness in the virtual streetball world!

Event Mechanism

Participating players will register via, and join the channel for communication.

Registration Period: 31 August 2023 at 11.00 WIB (GMT +7) – 15 September 2023 at 22.59 WIB (GMT +7)

Competition Period: 24 June 2023 09.00 WIB (GMT +7) – 24 June 2023 13.00 WIB (GMT +7)

Fixtures and Match Times will be announced on the Official Facebook on September 15, 2023

There is a special surprise that will be released on StreetBallers Facebook, stay tuned!

Event Details

The Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) Tournament is an online battle that gathers the toughest streetball players from Indonesia. This is the perfect opportunity for new players to shine and show what they are capable of. To be eligible, players must create their account after August 31st, so if you’re new to StreetBallers, this is an opportunity to gain some reputation.

The tournament will use a straight elimination format, with a minimum of 8 teams required to start the action. The final will take place on September 16, 2023, so save the date and get ready for an epic showdown.


We know you want a prize, and the Satria Neo StreetBallers tournament has a great prize for you. The best performing team will get the chance to compete for a share of the impressive prizes:

1st Place: 1,000 Diamonds + 100 Energy Drinks + 100 ADV Cards

Second Place: 750 Diamonds + 75 Energy Drinks + 75 ADV Cards

Third Place: 500 Diamonds + 50 Energy Drink + 50 ADV Card

Fourth Place: 250 Diamonds + 25 Energy Drinks + 25 ADV Cards

Prize for all participants: 100,000 Gold

Not only will you get cash prizes, but you will also get Diamonds which can be used to improve your style and abilities. It’s time to show the world what you’ve got and seize your moment of glory!

How to Join

Joining the Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) tournament is easy! Gather your team, form a team, and get ready to battle for streetball supremacy.

Follow the Match

Even if you don’t participate in the Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) tournament, you can still watch thrilling and encouraging matches for your favorite team. Watch the live broadcast and feel the excitement firsthand. Dazzle with jaw-dropping dunks, jaw-dropping crossovers, and decisive shots that will keep you on edge in your seat. Join a passionate community, interact with other fans, and share your opinions in the chat. This is the most exciting virtual streetball show that you should not miss!

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Claim your Streetball Crown

The stage is set, the competition is fierce, and glory awaits you. Join the Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) tournament, show your skills, and prove that you have what it takes to become the greatest streetballer. With attractive prizes up for grabs and the chance to create your reputation in the streetball community, this is your chance to become a legend in the virtual streetball world. Lace up your virtual basketball shoes, grab your basketball, and get ready for a journey full of fun, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments!

Call of Action

Visit now to download PlayPark StreetBallers and secure your place in the Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) tournament. It’s time for you to step onto the court, leave your mark, and claim your rightful place among the streetball elite. Get ready to rise, soar and conquer the world of virtual streetball like never before!

Game Rules & Regulations

Eligibility: The Satria Neo StreetBallers (SNSB) tournament is open to new players who have created their PlayPark StreetBallers account after August 16th. Participants must meet specified criteria to ensure equality and fairness in play.

Team Composition: Each team must consist of three players. The team captain’s responsibility is to ensure that all team members are qualified and comply with the rules.

Game Setup: Participants should be familiar with and understand the game controls and mechanics before the tournament.

Match Format: This tournament will follow a straight elimination format. Teams will compete head-to-head, with the winning team advancing to the next round and the losing team being eliminated. Matches will take place in a best-of-three system, with the team that wins two games advancing to the next round.

Match Schedule: Participants will be given a schedule containing match times and their opponents. It is very important to be on time and ready to start the match at the specified time. Non-attendance at a scheduled match may result in disqualification.

Communication Platforms: Special communication platforms, such as [TBC], will be made available for participants to interact with staff and other players. Join the platform to receive important updates, set game schedules and resolve issues or questions.

Sportsmanship and Fair Play: Participants are expected to demonstrate sportsmanship and play honestly during the tournament. Any form of cheating, hacking, or misuse of game mechanics is expressly prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification. Treat other participants with respect and adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship.

Technical Issues: In the event of technical issues or game interruptions, participants must immediately contact the tournament staff or admin via the designated communication platform. Staff will evaluate the situation and make appropriate decisions to ensure fair play.

Tournament Admin/Staff Decisions: Tournament admin and staff decisions are final and binding. Any dispute or violation of the rules will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken to maintain the integrity of the tournament.

Communication Platforms

Entrants are required to join the tournament’s official Discord server [TBC] for effective communication and coordination. The Discord server will be the main platform for updates, match schedules, and general interaction between tournament participants and staff. It will also be a place for participants to connect with other players, discuss strategy and share experiences during the tournament.

Terms & Conditions

This event applies to new players with a valid Playpark Indonesia PlayID.

Eligible accounts are accounts created after August 31, 2023.

Players must register with the specified link and join the specified community room for coordination.

PlayPark is not responsible for event outcome disputes or prize claims.

PlayPark reserves the right to suspend or take action against users who violate the policies stated in the Terms of Use, User Abuse Policy, and Rules of Conduct without prior notice.

PlayPark reserves the right to change and/or remove promotions and related terms and conditions at its discretion without prior notice.

All decisions by PlayPark are final and binding

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