JICA Money Making Application by Investment

JICA Money Making Application – therantnation.com. Since the pandemic, many people have flocked to look for ways to make money just through the internet.

One thing that is currently on the rise is the money-making JICA application which is reportedly very interesting.

Therefore, this time we will discuss this application in full.

The hope is that, after listening, you can decide whether JICA is for real proper to use.

However, there is one thing you need to know, namely that not all applications are proven to pay.

In fact, it is not uncommon for there to be cases of fraud. Usually users will be lured with large amounts of money, but they have to make a deposit first.

After that, suddenly the money was taken away without any notification at all. Finally, the money could no longer be saved.

About JICA

JICA is one of the money-making applications that is currently on the rise. The system works like investment in general.

Apart from investing, users can also earn free income by completing certain missions.

For those who follow many groups on social media, it seems like JICA is very suitable to try because it will support you when carrying out missions later.

How to Register

Before you can carry out missions and earn income, users must register first.

However, the method is very easy and does not require special requirements.

Just prepare an active email address or cellphone number, then you can register done straight away.

Following are the steps to register an account.

  • Open the browser on your smartphone or laptop
  • Go to the link jica.jicaindonesia.com/user/register
  • Choose whether to register with a cellphone number or email
  • Enter the number or email address in the column provided
  • Request a verification code
  • Copy the code
  • Enter it in the Input Code column
  • Create a password that is difficult to guess
  • Repeat the password in the next column
  • Click Confirm Registration
  • Wait until registration is successful
  • Finished

If the registration process is successful, you will be immediately directed to the login page.

Please log in using the data entered previously.

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How to Download the JICA Application

Please note that this application is not available on the Google Play Store.

Therefore, you need to download via an external source, namely the official website.

But before that make sure the device has allowed installation of unknown sources via settings menu.

After that, please follow the steps below.

  • Open a browser
  • Enter the address jica.jicaindonesia.com/heap/jica.apk
  • Download the installer file
  • Open the file
  • Wait until the installation process is successful
  • Finished

How to Earn Income

After successfully registering and downloading the application, users can then start generating income.

There are several ways that can be done. However, the most important thing is make an investment.

The good news is, users will get a free investment worth IDR 2,200.00 and total income of up to IDR 803.00 after one year.

Investments will be carried out automatically shortly after successful registration.

1. Invest

Maybe the amount above is still considered very insufficient.

Therefore, users can increase their level by investing IDR 200,000.00.

From this amount, the potential daily income that can be obtained is IDR 10,400.00.

Of course, the higher the investment amount, the higher the income you can get.

2. Daily check in

Even though it seems trivial, you should not underestimate this activity. Every day there will be a check menu.

If the mission is completed, the user will get a number of commission bonuses which will go straight into the balance.

The amount varies starting from IDR 1,000.00. This figure will be accumulated after doing it for 7 days without breaking.

So, if necessary, make a reminder to check in daily because if you miss even one day, the results will not be optimal.

In fact, you need to do it again from day one.

To do this, it is very easy, namely go to the Tasks page in the Welfare section at the bottom.

Then, click on Immediate Check-In.

3. Do daily tasks

There are quite a lot of missions or daily tasks that can be done.

An example is a mission to share links on social media.

From this mission, users can get IDR 1,000.00 per day.

The only requirement is to send proof of sharing via screenshot.

Apart from that, there is also a mission to join the Telegram group and you will get a commission of IDR 1,000.00.

How to Earn Additional Income at JICA

Apart from the three methods above, there is another way to earn additional income, namely by inviting people to join JICA.

The more people register using your referral code, the greater the income you can earn.

This is why it is important to follow many social media groups as explained in initial part.

To invite friends is very simple.

First, go to the Welfare menu, then select the task page.

Next, select the platform you want to use then click Continue.

Copy the invitation link and share it via various social media such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Is the JICA Application Safe to Use and Proven to Pay?

Security is the most frequently questioned thing in every money-making application.

Then, what about JICA? Until now, there is still no reliable evidence regarding whether it is proven to pay or not.

However, if you are still curious, you can just try it using the free version.

Then, if you look at the working system, namely investing, there is a possibility that this is money games.

Therefore, it would be better not to be too tempted to invest some money on this platform.

Moreover, JICA is still not registered with the Financial Services Authority.

So, that was a complete explanation of the JICA application which is currently viral.

It can be concluded that this application still cannot be 100% trusted so you need to be careful.






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