It turns out that this is the difference between Owsem and Bronet packages, you must know!

AXIS has two quite popular internet package options, namely the Owsem package and the Bronet package. For those of you who are AXIS customers, you must have experienced confusion in choosing the package you will use. If you still don’t understand these two packages, we will share information about the differences between the Owsem and Bronet packages.

The Bronet Package is an internet package based on a regular local quota that you can use for all your internet needs at an affordable price. The Bronet Package provides several package options that you can choose freely according to your wishes.

In contrast to the Bronet package, the Owsem package prioritizes the need to use applications that suit the needs of young people. For example, social media quota, YouTube streaming, music and evening quota which you can use according to your needs.

The Owsem package and the Bronet package have their own advantages that you can get according to your needs. However, some users may still be a little confused about choosing one of these two packages. Therefore, we will share information about the differences between Owsem and Bronet packages which you can see below.

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Differences between Owsem and Bronet Packages

Bronet packages have quite a variety of validity periods, such as daily, weekly and monthly. So, you can adjust it to your quota needs. Meanwhile, for the Owsem package there is only one option available, namely a monthly package for 30 days.

Apart from that, the Bronet package is not limited to certain hours, so you can use it for 24 hours with local quotas and general quotas. However, the Owsem package has different time limits and access conditions from the Bronet package, so its use is quite limited.

With the Bronet package, you can use your quota to access all your internet needs as long as the quota and validity period are still there. Meanwhile, for the Owsem package you will receive a quota which is divided into several access conditions and you can only use it in accordance with these conditions.

For example, like the game quota contained in the Owsem package. You can only use this quota to play games. However, after the game quota runs out, the next quota that will be deducted is the regular quota or 24-hour local quota, depending on availability.

Apart from game quotas, the Owsen package also gives you music quotas, social media quotas, YouTube quotas, night quotas and 24-hour local quotas. For those of you who like listening to music, playing social media and watching YouTube, then this package will suit you. So, you can maximize the use of the quota according to your internet needs.

However, for those of you who don’t really care about some of these applications, you can choose to use the Bronet package. The reason is, this Bronet package is more flexible for you to use to surf the internet, because you can use the entire quota without dividing it according to the applicable conditions.

For those of you who need a quota for all your internet needs, especially to access Google, the Bronet package will be more suitable, because you can maximize the use of the quota. However, for those of you who often access applications such as YouTube, social media and music, you can be more effective using the Owsem package.


The Bronet package is an Axis internet package that you can use for 24 hours, not only at certain times. This internet quota has an active period of daily, weekly and some even monthly.

Bronet’s daily package quota has various options ranging from a 500MB quota for IDR 4,200 to 3 GB for IDR 8,900.

Meanwhile, the 24 weekly Bronet package is available in quotas from 500MB to 8 GB at affordable prices.

Apart from that, for those of you who want to immediately activate the Axis monthly package, you can activate the 24-hour Bronet package with a validity period of 30 days. There are various package options ranging from 1.5GB quota to 16 GB quota.


The Owsem Axis package consists of a standard quota package that can be used on 2G/3G/4G networks and is divided into several time categories, including night quota from 00:00 to 06:00, social media access quota, and access quota for various applications. .

You can choose from several Owsem packages and buy them according to your needs.
One of the cheapest packages is IDR 40,900 with a total quota of 16 GB and is active for 30 days. Meanwhile, the most expensive package costs IDR 96,700 with a total quota of 120 GB for 30 days.

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Which is Cheaper, the Owsem Package or the Bronet Package?

The Bronet Package and Owsem Package have quite affordable prices and are equally cheap. However, you can just adjust it to your internet needs every day. The quota from these two packages will be more effective if you can use it according to your needs.

The Bronet package will feel more expensive if you only use it for playing games, considering that the quota usage for games is slightly higher if you compare it to other applications. Therefore, you can use the Bronet package for internet needs such as Google or Browser, so that your quota will be used more effectively.

Vice versa, if you use the Owsem package for several purposes such as playing social media, listening to music, or watching YouTube, of course this package will feel cheaper. But if you only use it to access Google, it will be less effective because the only quota that is reduced is the local quota.

The final word

So, that’s some information we can provide regarding the differences between Owsem and Bronet packages. These two packages are AXIS internet packages which are relatively cheap and affordable. Make sure you can choose according to your current internet needs so that it is more effective and efficient.






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